Sign Up Anytime

“I’m too busy.” “I don’t know what I could do.” “Someone else could do it better.” We’ve heard all the reasons why people don’t serve within the church. But the truth is, if God says He gave each of us a talent, there are people who are waiting to receive it from us. Your gift might be hospitality, business organization, cleaning, or teaching. There are hundreds of ways that you can get involved!


It’s part of our DNA

The culture of serving is really important at Grace. In fact, we have more volunteer staff than paid staff! These people don’t get paid for their work at Grace, but they are highly involved in leadership and decision making. We value and respect what volunteers bring to the table. We truly believe that everyone who walks through the doors has a place to serve and belong.

Untapped Church Book

Sooner or later most leaders come to the realization that there is more work to do than staff to accomplish it. It is a universal problem. But what if the answer is right in front of you? What if the greatest resource in every church is its people?