Please help us continue to reopen our ministries safely! If you'd like to serve this Spring, please click a button below and sign up for any Sunday at any or all of our three services in both locations. 

For Cafe' Volunteers specifically: If you've served in the cafe' before, please email and she'll put you on the schedule. If you're interested in serving in the cafe for the first time, please submit the I want to SERVE form.
All other ministries:


“I’m too busy.” "I don’t know what I could do.” “Someone else could do it better.” We’ve heard all the reasons why people don’t serve within the church. But the truth is, if God says He gave each of us a talent, there are people who are waiting to receive it from us. Your gift might be hospitality, business organization, cleaning or teaching. There are hundreds of ways that you can get involved and use your talents.

The culture of serving is really important at Grace. In fact, we have more volunteer staff than paid staff! These people don't get paid for their work at Grace, but they are highly involved in leadership and decision making. We value and respect what volunteers bring to the table. We truly believe that everyone who walks through the doors has a place to serve and belong.

When you're ready to officially join a team, please follow the link below:


"The Spirit has given each of us a special way of serving others..." - 1 Corinthians 12:7