Your Wedding With Grace

Congratulations on your engagement

There are so many decisions and plans to make! We are excited for you and honored to be a part of this critical decision for your future. Our pastors, staff, and marriage ministry are here to prepare and support you every step of the way. Please fill out the application to get started:

Register for Premarital Counseling

Here at Grace, we believe premarital counseling is vital to prepare you for a thriving, life-long marriage. We use the acclaimed SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott. Through video teachings and real-life experiences, we cover topics such as God’s design for marriage, communication, gender differences, sex, finances, and much more. At the beginning of each year, we offer SYMBIS as a group class, which takes seven weeks of two-hour evening sessions.

If the group class does not fit your schedule, we offer the SYMBIS Assessment. You will review your assessment with a certified facilitator couple for four or five two-hour meetings. There is a $50 fee for the group class or the couple assessment. You will sign up for premarital counseling following your initial meeting with one of our pastors.