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Before getting started, take a moment to read Your Wedding At Grace and fill out the form below. If you have questions or need any help, contact us.

I Want to Get Married at Grace!

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Wedding Application

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Please indicate if the phone number is your Home, Work or Mobile phone in the check box below.

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STEP 1 - Get Started: 

Your first step is to complete his and hers Wedding Registration/Questionnaire form online. Or a hard copy can be requested through the central church office at 814.790.4973. Someone will contact you to set up a preliminary meeting with a pastor who is available for your wedding date. 

STEP 2 – Preliminary meeting with Pastor: 

The purpose of this session is to assess you and your fiance's readiness to get married and to be sure that you understand the expectations of the marrying pastor. This is also an opportunity for you assess the pastor and be sure that there is a good fit from your perspective.

STEP 3 – Facility Reservation and Deposit: 

Upon a successful preliminary meeting with the marrying pastor and a mutual agreement to move forward with the wedding and date, you must fill out a facility rental form, review the financial commitments involved in a wedding at Grace, and give a deposit to Grace Church to reserve your date.

STEP 4 – Register for the Premarital Class Seminar

The fourth step is to register for the next available premarital class. These classes are offered 2 times per year and they are 8 weeks long. Classes include such topics as God’s design for marriage, communication, personality, finances, sex, gender differences, family of origin and other important topics. In preparation for this class, you also must complete a his/ her Prepare/Enrich® online survey. Your contact at the church can provide you with an entry code to access this survey.

STEP 5 – Wedding Ceremony Coordinator Contact 

With completion of registration and survey, a wedding ceremony coordinator will be assigned to you and will contact you to go through wedding planning information. She will cover facility policies and procedures, give you a tour of the facility, review every detail of the wedding ceremony, assist in coordinating the efforts of the florist, photographer, musicians, and wedding party. She will also set up one other meeting with you closer to the date of the wedding to finalize all the service details.

STEP 6 – Pastoral Counseling

 You will meet with your marrying pastor to cover what you learned in the class and any specific issues that came up through the Prepare/Enrich resource. Your pastor will be available to you as needed throughout this process.

STEP 7 – Rehearsal/ Wedding

When the big day finally arrives, your Wedding Ceremony Coordinator will walk you through the ins and outs of the wedding rehearsal and make the final preparations for your ceremony.Contact us for assistance.