Love God. Love others. Even with my finances.

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Money is a tool of a generous life helping people grow closer to God and each other. We believe it is the duty of every believer to honor the Lord with the first fruits of all he has provided to us (Prov. 3:9). It's giving back what was his to begin with. All that we have, or hope to have, comes from him. 


It's a reflection of your heart. Matthew 6:19-20

It’s a privilege. 2 Corinthians 8-9

It's faith in action. Acts 4:32-35


Text: Text any dollar amount and "GRACE" to 45888.

On-Line Giving: Make a one-time gift or set up automatic, recurring gifts: SecureGive.

Weekend Service: Give in person during any weekend service. For giving envelopes, contact Meghan Waskiewicz.

On-Line Banking: Set up a one-time or recurring gift through on-line bill pay. Use the memo line for any special giving instructions.

Mail: Send gift by mail to Grace's Central Office: Grace Church, 7300 Grubb Rd., McKean, PA 16426, Attn: Giving

Legacy: Make a gift through your Will or Estate Plan, designate Grace as a beneficiary of an insurance policy, IRA or 401K, or utilize a Charitable Gift Annuity or Charitable Trust. For more information, contact the Stewardship Lead at 814-790-4973 ext. 229 or .


Ministries & Operations: This is the fuel that drives everything we do in ministry at Grace. We encourage you to direct your major giving here.

Missions: Grace takes Jesus' command to reach out to people very seriously. We give to people and organizations locally, nationally and internationally. 

Short-term Missions: You can give to upcoming short-term missions trips. Active trips will be linked here.


Is Grace secretive about their finances? We’re an open book. We publish an income summary in the weekly bulletin and an expense summary monthly. Grace’s budget is set annually based on the goals and objectives of each ministry area within the church. It is approved by Finance Team and Elders, then reviewed and voted on by members. Detailed budget information is available to members upon request.

Where does all the money come from to run this huge ministry?  People like you! All our ministries are supported by the generous contributions of people who attend Grace. There are no “sugar-daddies” – just a broad base of generous, ordinary folks. We do not rely on an endowment or any other outside sources of income.

How often does Grace talk about money?  Jesus taught about money and possessions more than any other subject. So, we teach and preach about finances on a regular basis. During weekly worship services, Grace receives an offering. We believe that giving is an act of worship – a love response to God and a way to thank Him for all He does for us.

Will you be constantly asking me for money from the stage?  Jesus taught about money and possessions more than any other subject – we don’t go that far. But, we are committed to teach and preach about finances on a regular basis (usually one sermon series a year plus weekly principles during the time of giving). The aim of our teaching, however, is not to fund an organization, but to help people learn life changing biblical principles in the area of personal finances. During weekly worship services, Grace receives an offering. We believe that giving is an act of worship – a love response to God and a way to thank Him for all He does for us.

How does Grace spend their money? Our mission is “to make and to be fully devoted followers of Christ.” All of our money goes to help accomplish that mission. We spend money on ministry staff, spiritually charged programming for children, youth & adults, outreach to the poor, facility operations, and much more. Grace also invests approximately 10% of the annual budget in local, national & international missions and outreach.

How is Grace held accountable for their finances?  The finance department and staff are held accountable by a firm set of internal controls including oversight by the Finance Team and Elders. Our financial statements are also reviewed annually by an independent CPA firm.

How would Grace summarize the Bible’s teaching about money? God is the owner of everything according to Psalm 24:1, “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” We are his managers and should honor him in all our financial decisions. Matthew 6 tells us that our treasure follows our hearts, so ultimately money is a heart issue.

Can Grace help me with my financial problems? Yes. At Grace we teach people how to be free from debt and faithful managers of what God has given them. We offer Financial Peace University and other financial education throughout the year. A team of trained budget coaches is available to personalize a spending plan for you and to provide the encouragement and accountability needed to reach your financial goals.

Will the staff know what I give to Grace? We maintain strict confidentiality about our donors. The Lead Pastor may know giving trends, but only the Director of Stewardship has full knowledge of what individuals give.

What is a tithe? To tithe is to give the first 10% of your income to the work of the Lord at your local church as defined by Malachi 3:10 and affirmed by Jesus in Matthew 23 and Luke 12.