Changed by Grace

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It's a movement of people: all personalities, races, single, married, kids, and adults. This movement says, "We are far from perfect, but we have been changed." The change came about because of attending Grace Church, sure, but the real change is because of their life-altering relationship with Jesus. Check out the stories below from real people who have been "Changed by Grace," and join us for an event! We would love to meet you and guarantee that you will be welcomed with open arms.

We were immediately blown away by the overwhelming acceptance and love of the people we met that Sunday and have never looked back.
Pastor John spoke at my father’s funeral. His words reflected who my dad was. They were kind, true and thoughtful. That was a gesture I will always treasure.
I felt unwanted and alone. I beat myself up about my relationship with my dad as I grew older until I was Changed by Grace.