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Church Online Done Differently

Grace Online isn’t your typical online church service. We believe church isn’t meant to just be watched. Grace Online offers a live, engaging, and interactive online church experience. It will encourage online community and authentic relationships with Jesus and each other. We can’t wait to experience the newest way to do online church with you… no matter who you are or where you’re at in the world! 

Please feel free to email Keith with any questions or comments!

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Grace Online offers so much more than a typical online church service. Join with your webcam, microphone, or anonymously to interact with the live worship experience and each other in real-time.


What to Expect

A crowd! That’s not a bad thing. We love the energy a lot of people bring to a room. If you live close to Grace McKean, but are looking for a more intimate environment, check out the Worship at the Commons at 8:30 and 10:00. It’s a more traditional expression of worship with a smaller group of people.

Energy: We bring our best energy to God. People will be happy, clapping and excited to be at church. We hope you are, too!

Friendly People: People will probably say “hi” to you, but they won’t bother you. And we won’t think you’re weird if you just want to be left alone. We want you to connect on your pace, not ours.

Family Support: If you have your children with you, head immediately to the left when you enter the main doors. The team there will help you sort everything out (come 15min early if it’s your first time).

Singing: We sing during our services. It’s not a concert. It’s time for you to sing words to God that are true about him and encourage others around you to do the same. If you don’t know how a song goes, feel free to just read along until you pick it up.

Teaching: Our preaching team strives to create messages that are Biblically-based and impact your daily life. They don’t lecture. They’re real and transparent.

Creativity: We love to use the arts to express our love to God and/or bring home a point that’s being made in the sermon. It might be a video, a story, music, lights or dance. Everything we do has a goal of helping you connect to God.

Cafe: We have a full cafe with coffee, drinks, and snacks for purchase. If it’s your first time here and you visit the Next Steps Center in the atrium, they’ll hook you up with a free beverage.


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