Grace Church App

Available on all devices

Your faith journey happens 24/7/365. The Grace Church App is a tool that can help you plan and organize your life to include the most important thing: your relationship with God. We call it taking your faith from weekly to daily.

Some of our favorite features:

  • READ Plan tools
  • Event registration and calendar
  • Manage your account in the church database
  • Sermon archive
  • Sermon notes: save or email them to yourself
  • Simple giving tool
  • GraceKids and volunteer check-in (coming fall 2022!)

WAIT! Don’t Delete the Old App Yet!

Download your sermon notes first (if you want to keep them)

Please use the image slide show as a visual aid. Note that the example is on an iPhone, so please contextualize steps for your particular device.

  1. Open up the old app.
  2. Choose Sermons from the bottom menu bar
  3. Select Watch Past Sermons.
  4. Choose the appropriate sermon series.
  5. Select the week.
  6. Scroll down to the notes section.
  7. Tap the screen where the text is and choose Select All.
  8. The text should highlight and the options should change. Select Copy.
  9. Open up your favorite Notes App and Paste your content.
  10. Repeat.