About Grace Church

We’re glad you’re here!

God has big plans for your life, and that can start right here. If you’re just getting to know us, or if you’ve been here a while and are now taking steps to get more involved, you’re part of something pretty awesome (we know we’re biased). Give Grace a solid try. If it’s not a good fit for you, that’s ok…we can probably help you find a church that is. If it IS a good fit, you’ll love it…a “no turning back” kind of love it. We’re so glad to meet you and can’t wait to see how God works in your life. Welcome to Grace.

Think Grace might be a good fit for you? We’d love to help answer any questions or help get you connected! Just fill out the connection card form below and someone will be in contact with you soon.

The Story of Grace Church

We hear a lot of good feedback about Grace’s capacity to adapt and change, but we can’t take credit for it. That ability is part of our church’s DNA. Grace Church has been navigating change for over a century, far before any of us were around.

Grace Church started unofficially on May 1, 1895, when nineteen immigrants gathered in a home at the intersection of 7th and Holland to meet and worship in their native tongue. They referred to themselves as the Swedish Baptist Church.

Our Sites

Grace Harborcreek

Grace Harborcreek began in 2011 at Harbor Creek High School and now has a permanent home at 2420 Cumberland Road in Erie, PA.

Grace McKean

Grace McKean was built in 2007. It has two unique venues for Sunday morning worship: the Commons, which is a more classic feel, and the Worship Center, which is more contemporary in nature.

Our Ministry Arms

Grace is one church in multiple locations with three ministry arms. We are an old church, but hardly act our age! Our goal is to create a new kind of church rooted in history. We believe the church is most effective in reaching its community when it embraces education and community service in addition to worship and discipleship.

Each ministry arm has a unique focus. Sites focus on worship and discipleship, ServErie champions justice and compassion, and Grace Leadership Institute specializes in biblical and leadership education.

Grace Sites

Grace Sites is the worship and discipleship ministry arm of Grace Church. This is the website you’re visiting right now. Along with Grace Leadership Institute and ServErie, we exist to make and be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ and our vision is to transform communities with transformed people.


ServErie is the community outreach ministry arm of Grace Church. ServErie is a magnet and a beacon: We attract volunteers to connect them with existing agencies as we shine a light on the needs in our community and celebrate our region.

Grace Leadership Institute

Grace Leadership Institute (GLI) is the educational ministry arm of Grace Church where we are learning and leveraging Christ-like Leadership together. Fun fact: GLI is located in Grace Church’s original building from 1895! 

Our Beliefs

Here is where you can find our vision, mission, values, and other organizational information like our Statement of Belief and governing documents. Our most recent Annual Report is here as well.

Our Team

Grace’s staff is made up of both paid and volunteer individuals. Here’s a list of people who most commonly need to be contacted, but if you need someone or something else, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask!