United States—Wycliffe

United States—Wycliffe

Todd & Gail

Todd grew up at Grace Church and met Gail after graduating from Bethel University in Minnesota.  When they married, they joined Wycliffe and worked at the headquarters as computer programmers. They went on to study linguistics and then served Bible translation efforts in the West African countries of Togo and Benin for 15 years. Their four children grew up there. 

Current Mission:  

No one should have to learn another language to understand God’s Word.  Yet millions of people are still waiting for a single word of the Bible in a language they clearly understand. Todd and Gail serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators and the global body of Christ to advance Scripture translation so people can encounter God through his Word. 

 When a professor from Cape Verde read the Bible in his own language, he said: “Jesus became real to me for the first time in my life!” 

 Why Bible Translation? 

 At least 7,000 languages are spoken or signed around the world. And more than 1,800 of them still need a Bible translation started. Wycliffe is committed to ensuring that every person has access to Scripture in a language and format that speaks to their heart.  

 A Quechua Bible translator in Peru put it this way: "Getting our spiritual food from the Spanish Bible is like trying to eat soup with a fork. We can get a little taste, but cannot get nourished. Using the Quechua Scriptures is like eating soup with a spoon — we can really get well-nourished." 

Todd and Gail are now serving at Wycliffe’s headquarters in Florida. Todd helps partners develop Bible translation projects in Asia. These are projects in which Wycliffe is assisting local churches lead and sustain community translation programs that bring positive life transformation. Gail is a strategist on the project marketing team, helping to connect donors with translation projects around the world. 

 Join them in working toward the day when God’s Word is accessible to all people in a language that speaks to their hearts!