United States–Cru

United States–Cru

Mike and Sus Schmitt 

"Have you made the wonderful discovery of knowing Christ personally?" 

A question like this started Mike's journey with the Lord and with Grace Church over fifty years ago. Two students from Grace Church presented the gospel to Mike when he was a sophomore at McDowell high school.  

Mike attended Penn State and was involved with Campus Crusade for Christ (now known as Cru in the U.S.). Sus, raised in Lakewood, Ohio, went to Arizona State where she accepted Jesus into her life through Cru. 

After graduation, we both dedicated our lives to serving as full-time missionaries with Cru.  

Current Mission:  

Mike and Sus Schmitt serve at the international headquarters of Cru in Orlando, Florida. We met in the computer department of Cru’s headquarters in California. Mike joined the staff in 1979 and Sus in 1975. Cru moved our headquarters to Orlando in 1991. 

Mike helps to design and put in place complex software systems. These provide vital information to our worldwide ministry. Currently, he is helping provide tools for Cru ministries to host ministry events and mission trips. 

Sus helps our staff with technical skills and with sharing the gospel through the Internet. She also maintains our personal site, MikeandSus.org. She has an active Internet presence, posting on social media and on her blogs. She looks for opportunities for evangelism and discipleship.  

We have a growing family with three married children, Ben, Josh, and Jenn. (Sus, by the way, is pronounced “Sooz”, but to our seven grandchildren she is “Nana“.) We’re also blessed to watch God ministering to His people in a small group we lead at church. 

Technology touches almost everyone around the world, including our missionary staff, and their disciples, and the people they're reaching for Christ. We’re privileged to share our skills with Cru staff to equip them so they can reach more people with the gospel. 

Did you know? 

2 million people search each day for God on the Internet. Despite ongoing COVID-19 restrictions in many countries, Cru continues to share the gospel with individuals. Cru staff and volunteers see a consistent response rate of 11% to the gospel throughout the world. The JESUS film has been shown in every country in the world and translated into more than 1,900 languages. Since 1979, the Jesus Film Project has seen more than 600 million estimated decisions for Christ. 750 campus ministries engage more than 53,600 students and faculty in ministry on U.S. college campuses. In an average year, Cru holds over 700 events ministering to over 65,000 believers. 

Our missions programs help send staff and students on mission trips. Over 1200 are sent every summer across the country and around the world. 

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