In Asia, it has become normal for people to leave their home and country to find work to provide for themselves and their families. We have seen fathers struggle to take care of their families, mothers desperate for a better life for their children, and young adults desiring their country to change, but none of them know where to begin.  Within all these countries the most common thing is the lack of knowledge and resources… and the lack of Gospel. 


Current Mission:

We seek to grow and partner with local believers, giving them tools and resources in discipleship to work in a Muslim context so that the Kingdom may continue to spread throughout Asia. With this foundation, we also provide the knowledge and resources to equip local individuals with education in business, management, and other entrepreneurial practices to run, maintain, and grow a sustainable business in their own country. 


Biggest support needs:

Our biggest support needs include prayer and monthly financial support so that the work the Lord has called us to may continue and grow.


Special Challenges:

A few of our special challenges include language learning (that we may accurately portray the gospel and business in the local languages) and finding like-minded individuals with the financial means to invest in the businesses we help locals begin.