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It's important to read the Bible on a regular basis. We want to provide resources to help keep you on track and take your faith from WEEKLY to DAILY. These readings allow you to take a longer look at some of the passages that the teaching pastor referenced during the weekend sermon. Please contact us if you have any questions/issues.

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This Week's Readings:


February 17, 2019

Reading Plan

Day 1-

READ: Acts 26:15-23  

REFLECT:  Paul met Jesus and that was the source of his “unstoppable WHY.”  How have you met Jesus and how has your experience with Him given you a new purpose?

PRAY:  Take some time to meet Jesus right now in prayer. Ask Him to direct your day and show you how to live it with purpose for Him.


WATCH:  Listen to this 4 minute video on Right Now Media by Erwin McManus called Faith Involves Risk  (If you do not yet have a Right Now Media account, you can register for one here:

REFLECT:  How does finding your purpose involve risk?

PRACTICE:  Consider this risk and whether it’s worth it to be “all in” for Jesus.


Day 2-

READ:  Romans 1:1 & Philippians 2:5-8

REFLECT:  Paul called himself a servant of Christ but later wrote to the Philippians about how Jesus Himself came to serve.  How does Jesus’ example show us what it means to be a servant?

PRAY:  Think about what it means to “humble yourself” then pray and ask God to develop that humility in you.


READ:  Read this article from the Gospel Coalition about what your calling is NOT. --

REFLECT:  What are some things you already know God has called you to do? (example: love your family)

PRACTICE:  Choose one of those things and spend some time praying and asking God to help you carry out His call in that area of your life.


Day 3-

READ: I Corinthians 9:24-27  and  Hebrews 12:1-3

REFLECT:  These verses compare your calling to a race. Reflect on what you need to run a good race (ex. Training; discipline; perseverance.)

PRAY:  Think of one of those qualities you want to develop in your life and pray about that.


READ:  Read this article, “Embrace the Race God Gives You,” from Desiring God about embracing the race God gives you:

REFLECT:  What are some ways you need to focus on running the race God has given you?

PRACTICE:  Write one of those ways on a card or post-it and put it in a prominent place so you can read it over often this week.


Day 4-

READ:  Romans 12:3-8 and 1 Peter 4:10-11

REFLECT:  After Paul met Jesus he had the same gifts and abilities as he had before but they were redirected on a new mission to serve God’s purpose in the world.  What are your gifts and abilities? How do you think God might want you to use them?

PRAY:  Think of at least one thing you love to do and do well and pray God will show you a way to use that to bless someone.


READ:  Read this short devotional on using our abilities from the founder of Cru, Bill Bright—:

REFLECT: How do you think our church, our city and our world would look different if every Christ-follower used his/her gifts for His purpose? 

PRACTICE:  Ask someone who knows you well to name three ways you could serve with your gifts.


Day 5-

READ:  Romans 8:18-28 and 2 Corinthians 1:3-8

REFLECT:  How do these verses help us reframe our painful past or present experiences as opportunities to benefit others?  How has God redeemed your pain to bring something good from it for yourself or someone else?

PRAY:  Hold your hands open in front of you as you pray as a symbol of offering to God the pain in your life. Ask Him to take it and trust Him to make something beautiful from it.


WATCH: This 9 minute video discussion, “God Will Meet You In Your Pain,” by John Piper, Matt Chandler, and David Platt on Right Now Media is well worth watching:

REFLECT:  Read 2 Corinthians 4:17,18 and 2 Corinthians 6:10

PRACTICE:  When you experience pain this week—whether it’s deep hurt or just the frustrations of daily living—remind yourself of these promises.

Last Week's Readings:


February 10, 2019

Reading Plan

Day 1-

READ: Exodus 3

REFLECT:  How does God respond to Moses’ objections to God’s calling on his life? What hope does this give you as you seek the Lord’s calling for you?

PRAY:  Make a list of your doubts or objections to God’s calling you to something bigger. Prayerfully confess them to the Lord and ask Him to help you let them go and trust in Him.


READ: “Don’t Feel Qualified For Your Calling?” from Desiring God:


Day 2-

READ: Philippians 3:12-14

REFLECT:  Why is Jesus worth forgetting the past and moving forward?

PRAY:  Prayerfully think of a habit, unresolved conflict, or other hang up that is holding you back from moving forward. What is one step you can take to put it behind you? Apply it this week!


PRACTICE: Do you have a hurt, habit or hang up? Commit to attending Celebrate Recovery during Mondays Night of Hope. Find out more at


Day 3-

READ: Ephesians 2:10

REFLECT:  What does it mean to walk in the good works that God prepared for us? How does this give you hope?

PRAY:  Pray specifically over your gifts, talents, and resources. Ask the Lord to help you clarify your calling.


READ: “Grace All the Way” from the Gospel Coalition:


Day 4-

READ: Hebrews 12:1-2

REFLECT:  How does the example of other faithful Christians and Jesus’ character help you to have hope and move forward?

PRACTICE:  Set up some reminders or verses for yourself that help you to keep looking toward Jesus every day.


Day 5-

READ: John 15:16

REFLECT: How does being chosen by Jesus impact your calling? What does it mean to bear fruit?

PRAY:  Use the cross references in your Bible margins or a concordance (Try to look up other verses about bearing fruit. No matter what role you have, pray about what fruit the Lord will do in and through you.


READ: “I Chose You to Bear Fruit” from Desiring God: