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It's important to read the Bible on a regular basis. We want to provide resources to help keep you on track and take your faith from WEEKLY to DAILY. These readings allow you to take a longer look at some of the passages that the teaching pastor referenced during the weekend sermon. Please contact us if you have any questions/issues.

This Week's Readings:

Lions, and Dragons, and Lambs, Oh My!: How to Make Jesus Sick

August 25, 2019

Week 2 Reading Plan


Day 1-

READ:  Revelation 3:15-16

REFLECT: In this week’s sermon, Pastor Derek’s big idea is we can only overcome through intimate communion with Jesus. In this passage Jesus is explaining to the Laodicean church that their lukewarmness toward their faith makes him sick. Being lukewarm takes us away from that communion that Jesus desires. Pastor Derek also challenged us to identify any areas in our own life in which we are lukewarm. As you read the words of this passage, what comes to mind about your own lukewarmness? What do you learn about Jesus through these words?

PRACTICE: Use some prayer time today for some silent reflection and confession about where you are spiritually right now. Are you in communion with Jesus? Or do you need to make some adjustments to get back to that place he desires to be with you?


LISTEN: “You Can Improve Your Relationship With God

REFLECT:  According to this article, what is the difference between union with God and communion with God? What can you do this week to increase your communion with God?

PRACTICE: In your prayer time, thank God for the union you have with him because what he offers to you because of his death on the cross is unchanging, even when you’re consistent.


Day 2-

READ:  Revelation 3:20

REFLECT: Despite the fact that we often rely on ourselves rather than on Jesus, He still wants a relationship with us and doesn’t give up on showing us His love. He continues to invite us in. As Pastor Derek taught in his sermon, this letter to the ancient church really highlights Jesus love and acceptance, the “grace upon grace”. When you think of the words in this passage, and receive them as words TO YOU from Jesus, how does it make you feel? How do the words draw you back in?

PRACTICE: Write down the words “Open the door” somewhere that you’ll see it throughout the week – a post-it on your car’s steering wheel, a scheduled reminder to pop up on your phone at the same time every day, etc, - as a reminder that Jesus is knocking and He wants You.


LISTEN: “Rescue” by Lauren Daigle

REFLECT:  What are some specific words from this song that stand out to you? Write them down in your journal/bible/etc.

PRACTICE: As you go about your week think of Jesus as your rescuer, someone who wants communion and relationship with you.


Day 3-

READ:  James 4:8

REFLECT: The author of the book of James writes to encourage followers of Jesus to actively live out their faith. He calls us to reject the ways of the world and points readers toward a deepening relationship with Jesus. In this particular chapter of the book, James is encouraging readers to turn away from the world and to find Jesus instead. In this passage, what does James suggest happens when we draw close to God? How does this passage encourage you to see Jesus rather than worldly wealth or possessions?

PRACTICE: In your prayer time today, humbly ask God to reveal to you the areas in your life in which you need to draw closer to him. Pray that your heart and mind would be open to what He might reveal. You can also ask someone close to you (mentor, spouse, accountability partner) to be honest and share with you where they might see you holding onto worldly things rather than Jesus.


Day 4-

READ:  Psalm 42

REFLECT: Pastor Derek taught that one way to overcome lukewarmness is through suffering. It’s no secret that King David’s life is full of suffering. In this passage you can almost hear the moaning and aching in his voice because of his current suffering. Paying close attention to the beginning of the passage, and the end of the passage, what stands out? Why do you think the author starts the passage out the way he did? What are some of the ways you see King David draw near to God?

PRACTICE: As you move into a time of prayer, listen to “Draw Me Close” by Hillsong. Once it’s done, listen to it again with your hands open in front of you in an active pose of opening yourself up to the closeness of God.


Day 5-

READ: John 16:33

REFLECT: The greatest news in the history of the entire existence of the world is that our story doesn’t have to end with death. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection we are offered a life we don’t deserve, an eternity spent in Heaven seated at the right hand of the Father. When you read the words of this passage, how does it encourage you to turn away from the world, and draw closer to Jesus? How can you better live out every day the life He offers you? How can that joy become greater than any minor satisfaction you might find in this world?

PRACTICE: In your prayer time today, thank God that He sent His son to die for you so that this ending to your story could be possible. Ask Him to help you live that in a deeper and fuller way every day. Make it your prayer to truly live like Jesus has already overcome whatever it is that could come your way.


READ:  Revelation 2:1, 8, 12, 18; 3:1, 7, 14

REFLECT: The opening words to the "angel" of each of the seven churches describe Jesus. Write down all the things that you learn about who Jesus is. Praise Him!

Last Week's Readings:

LIONS and DRAGONS and LAMBS, Oh My!:  One who holds the keys

August 18, 2019

Week 1 Reading Plan

Day 1-

READ: Revelation 1:1-3  

REFLECT:  The book of Revelation can be very difficult to understand but according to verse 3 why should we read this book.

PRAY/ PRACTICE:  Ask the Lord to bless you, your family, your Life Group, and Grace Church as we study from the book of Revelation. 


READ/ WATCH/ LISTEN:  Go online to and read the definition of  “Revelation” . 

REFLECT:  What do you learn about God and the text from this definition. 

PRACTICE:  Tell the Holy Spirit that you are open to His revelation of ways in your life you can better serve Jesus as we proceed through this series. 


Day 2-

READ:  Revelation 1:4-6  

REFLECT:  Take a piece of paper and make a list of the descriptions given about Jesus and then beside each one write the significance of each one.  If you need assistance with the description try HERE

PRAY/ PRACTICE:  Use the list you just made to praise the Lord. 


READ/ WATCH/ LISTEN: Read the description of the apostle John from BibleGateway.   Look up a few of the references given in the description.  Look for qualities of faithfulness in this servant of our Lord.

REFLECT:  What impresses you about the Apostle John?

PRACTICE:  Thank the Lord for the faithfulness of the Apostle John to follow and proclaim Jesus through his gospel and epistles. 


Day 3-

READ:  Revelation 1:7-9  

REFLECT:  What do these verses reveal to you about the return of Jesus Christ to earth?  Why are they significant?

PRAY/ PRACTICE:   Acknowledge to Jesus that you know he is coming back.  Ask Jesus how you can help prepare others for that day.


READ/ WATCH/ LISTEN:  Listen to or read the article by John Piper called “How Important Should the Study of Jesus’ Second Coming Be to Us?”  

REFLECT:  Spend some time evaluating your life in response to the Second Coming of Christ.  Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal whether you are letting “the end –time hope satisfy your soul.”

PRACTICE:  Ask the Lord to help you live each day in such a way that you would be ready to see Jesus. 


Day 4-

READ:  Revelation 1:10-17a  

REFLECT:  Our attitude in worship is far more important than the position of our worship.

PRAY/ PRACTICE:   Pray this prayer to the Lord, “Almighty, matchless, glorious God, inhabiting eternity.  I bow to you and give you praise, in awe that You can live in me”.


WATCH: For a big picture overview of the book of Revelation, watch "How to Read Revelation Part 1" from Tim Mackie on RightNow Media. (Need a free RNM account through Grace Church? Sign up here.)


Day 5-

READ:  Revelation 17b-19  

REFLECT:  Notice the progression of Jesus toward John:  he touched him, spoke to him and asked him to serve.  All this after John fell to the ground in awe and fear before the glory of Jesus.  Remember that Jesus comes to you where you are to touch, to speak and to call you to service.

PRAY/ PRACTICE:  Praise Jesus for going to the cross to pay for your sin so He can draw near to you.