My Baptism

We are so excited that you have decided to make a public declaration of your faith and get baptized!

Because this is such an important moment in the life of all Christians, we want to encourage you to invite friends and family to join you on Baptism Sunday! You can pick up postcard invitations at the baptism tables in the atrium on Sunday, but this page contains tools and tips to help you invite!

We trust that you will be surprised by how interested your friends and family are in knowing about and experiencing your baptism! And, it’s a great and natural way to expose them to church!

Example Text Message


Hi ___!

I have made a really big decision to get baptized as a Christian at my church. If you are available, it would mean so much to have you there to witness it and support me. I want all of the important people in my life to be there, and you are definitely one of them!

There will be a lot of people there, so you won’t be the only one, but I’d love to have you come.

My baptism will be on Sunday, (date), at (time) at (location). We can drive together or I can meet you in the lobby. Let me know what you think!


Right-click, press and hold to save this image, then share it on Social Media. Be sure to include when/where you’re being baptized and that you want people to join you!