October 27-28

Cost is $20 per couple.

Marriage Matters

This Marriage Matters seminar is designed to interest married couples of any age and equip you to follow God’s design for marriage. The topics covered are the most requested topics by couples in marriage seminars, but you will find them covered in a way that you likely haven’t heard before, providing a depth of information and clarity of application – as well as a frankness of discussion – that is rarely achieved in marriage seminars. It could truly be a game-changer.


Friday, Oct. 27

6:30 – 8:30pm with desserts and snacks following

Saturday, Oct. 28

8:00am continental breakfast
8:30am – 1:00pm: keynote presentation

Program Details

Friday evening:

We’ll walk through Scripture to take a comprehensive look at marriage, perhaps more broadly than you’ve ever seen before. You will see:


  • How marriage is unique from other relationships
  • What it was originally designed to be
  • How the Fall impacted marriage’s design
  • Why marriage tends to be difficult
  • What we’re supposed to get out of marriage
  • How we’re supposed to be in marriage
  • The value of marriage in God’s eyes
  • How to be a better spouse, even in a fallen world
  • How marriage reflects a greater mystery that God has waiting for His Church


You will learn more about yourself to help reduce stress and improve your effectiveness as you communicate, connect, work, and live with your spouse and others. Each attendee will take a fast and free assessment to find your unique communication style. Please bring a printed copy your results with you on Saturday morning.


Dr. Jared Detter will explain the DISC method and how it relates to your personality. Session Two will explain how to use this understanding for healthier conflict and improved communication.

    Healthy Conflict:

    No matter how effectively you communicate, conflict still arises in marriage, and we have often not been well equipped (by the world, by our parents, by our life experiences) to navigate conflict in a way that preserves the relationship, actually solves the conflict, and builds emotional intimacy. In this mini-session, you’ll learn how to: 


    • Understand the impact that your conflict style has on your spouse
    • Understand the impact your spouse’s conflict style has on you
    • Learn the three ways that we typically ‘fight’ (Hint: they’re not healthy and usually cause many more problems than they fix)
    • See ‘behind the curtain’ and expose the conflict patterns that you may feel helplessly stuck in
    • Learn the healthiest way to address conflict