Act One | Chapters 1-8a

Mark: A Brand New Start

Chapter 1

When we read the gospels, the most important question we can ask ourselves is, “Who is Jesus Christ?” Join us on a journey through the Gospel of Mark to find out. In this series, we’ll explore the life and teachings of Jesus as we begin with his baptism and witness the beginning of something remarkable. Mark’s gospel skips the nativity, diving straight into Jesus’ ministry, where he turns our world upside down and establishes a new kingdom. Through the powerful words, “This is the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God” (Mark 1:1), we’ll uncover the transformative essence of Jesus’ message. If you’re ready to start over and embrace a new life, join us as we rediscover Jesus and learn how to begin again. 

Mark: A Movement of Mistfits

Chapter 2-4

Who is Jesus and what exactly was His mission in our world? We continue our journey, following Jesus as He builds a movement of misfits, traveling through Galilee, bringing good news to the ordinary, broken, confused, and undeserving. While the disciples and others are learning how to be more like Jesus, Jesus confronts conflict of many kinds as He comes face-to-face with demons, angry religious leaders, and even family members trying to stop him. Every encounter, every miracle, every parable demonstrates that Jesus is Lord of a greater Kingdom that will bring freedom and healing to those who need it most and deserve it the least. This includes people who are struggling with the question, “Why am I not good enough?” This sermon series will continue where we left off in the Gospel of Mark and teach us more about what it means for each of us to follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

Mark: No Match for Jesus

Chapter 4-6

Embark on a journey through the Gospel of Mark as we explore profound questions like “Where is God?” and “Where is God when I need Him?” Discover the answers to “Why is there suffering?” while we follow Jesus in Galilee. Witness His unmatched power over nature, diseases, demons, and death. His extraordinary ability to heal the broken and boundless compassion leaves His disciples and crowds in awe. Amidst the wonder, opposition grows, but will it thwart Jesus’ message and ministry, or will God’s Kingdom flourish? Join us to find these answers and more and realize that “there is no match for Jesus.” If you’ve ever asked, “Where is God when it hurts?” or pondered, “If God exists, why is there suffering?” or felt “my life is a mess,” this sermon series is for you. Let’s continue the story of Mark together and uncover the Gospel truth.

Mark: The Jesus Way

Chapters 6-10

Who is Jesus, and what exactly is His mission in our world? We are following Jesus through Galilee as He continues His teaching and healing work while training His disciples and facing down the opposition. This ministry moves beyond Galilee, and we will follow Jesus and His disciples into the surrounding regions as they begin a journey that will take Him to Jerusalem one last time. Each chapter and verse of Mark’s story brings us closer to the words, work, and identity of Jesus Christ, Messiah, King, and Savior, who makes a way for his people to move from darkness to light, from broken to whole, from death to life. Everything Jesus says and does demands a response- will the crowds bow to Jesus as King? Will the religious leaders lay aside their pride and humble themselves before him as Messiah?  Will the disciples follow Jesus all the way to the finish? Will you and I allow His Story to become our story?