Egg Hunt: A Pray for 8 Initiative

It’s time to crack open some fun

Why host an Easter Egg Hunt?

Take a Step: Practice being a positive influence in your neighborhood. Use your Pray for 8 prayer list as a place to start, or invite the entire neighborhood!

Meet and Greet: This is a very non-threatening way to connect and talk. If your only goal is to learn names, that’s a great place to start!

Be a Person of Peace: In a world that’s often rushed and disconnected, be the one who brings joy and connection. Your initiative to host an Egg Hunt is no small thing!

How to Get Started!

Plan Your Hunt: Choose a date and a time. Make it as straightforward or as elaborate as you wish. Hide eggs in your yard, create fun riddles, organize team games, and provide pancakes/food – the sky’s the limit!

Spread the Word: Use Facebook to announce your event or chat with your neighbors. You can also hang friendly invites in common areas or slip them into mailboxes (with a little chocolate, maybe?).

Get Creative: Fill your eggs with candies, small toys, or little notes of encouragement and friendship. Remember, it’s the thought and the connection that counts!

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Egg Hunt:

  • Clean your yard (especially if you have a dog!).
  • Decide on ground rules in advance and mark the boundaries of the egg hunt. You may want to have separate times to hunt or different neighbor yards for younger and older kids.
  • Keep some extra eggs back for the child who didn’t get any/as many during the hunt.
  • Have some extra bags/baskets available for the family that forgets to bring them.
  • Have an extra activity for when people want to stay around – egg hunts usually only last a few minutes. It could be chalk and bubbles for the kids, snacks/drinks for the kids or a full potluck with the families.


Tell Us Your Story!

Did you hold an egg hunt? How did it go? Let us know in this simple form: