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Challenge Groups offer a quick and impactful way to strengthen your faith alongside a small group of other like-minded Christians online. The goal is to help you feel spiritually strengthened and refreshed after a short series of daily, faith-based discussions and challenges. Challenge Groups focus on providing a big spiritual impact in a short amount of time and range from a few days to a few weeks.

What to expect:

  • About 10 people in your Facebook group
  • Daily bible study, prayer, spiritual challenges, etc. depending on your Challenge Group
  • Anywhere between 5-30 minutes per day discussing and engaging with the group
  • Ability to focus on specific needs and areas of life you want to improve
  • Support, guidance, and encouragement from leaders and other group members
  • Completely free!

Upcoming Online Challenge Groups

How to Pray

7-Day Challenge

Prayer is an important part of our life but few are taught how to pray.

Starting, March 6th

New Challenge Groups Coming Soon!

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