How to invite your family and friends

Why should you invite?

Part of the reason we get baptized is to publically declare our faith in Jesus. Inviting friends and family just makes sense! You may be inviting people who are not Christians. That is OK! They are welcome at Grace. Witnessing how important your faith is to you, could be a catalyst for a great conversation.

How can you invite?

You can invite people however you are most comfortable to do so. You can always have a good old-fashioned conversation! Two other ideas: send a text message (there is a sample below that you can copy and paste) or create a social media post (graphic provided). Use the tools we’ve provided or create your own!

Sample Text

Hey ______! I’ve been attending Grace Church and I’ve decided to get baptized on DATE. My faith has become really important to me and it would mean a lot if you would come watch my baptism. The service starts at TIME. Let me know if you can make it!

Download the image by pressing and holding on it, then choosing the option to save image.