Dominican Republic

Grace partners with Vision Trust Dominicana and Iglesia del Dios Pentacostal in the neighborhood of Cancino Adentro, just outside of Santo Domingo.

We help support and encourage the work of Pastor Silverio and the director of a school for elementary age children named Perla. Perla and Silverio work hand in hand to help provide not only material needs but the spiritual needs of a community, reaching out to their neighbors and providing hope and help where it is needed.

Through the school, children are able to receive water, nutritious meals, education, and an opportunity to receive Jesus. The church is also hoping to provide access to a free medical clinic and vocational training at its newly built second story.


Opportunities to serve include:

  • Vacation Bible School teaching
  • Teacher training
  • Sponsoring a child and building a relationship between their family and yours
  • Worship with our partner church
  • Prayer walking within the community
  • Service/hands on building projects
  • Evangelism at community events or via one on one interactions
  • Nutrition/Hygiene
  • Leadership Development


Our longest serving Global Partner is Grace en Sion, a church located in the city Cap Hatien. The people of Haiti deal with overwhelming poverty, lack of infrastructure, and spiritual warfare, but our partner church is incredibly strong in their faith.

Led by Pastors Migueloson Alcius and James Israel, Grace en Sion is a vibrant community of faith that is helping it’s community find hope and joy.

Grace en Sion also hosts a school, giving education in French to more than 300 Haitian children, many of whom Grace sponsors. We also currently assist Pastors Migueloson and James in hosting the Global Leadership Summit for Cap Haitien, the only such gathering in northern Haiti.


Opportunities to serve include:

  • school sponsorship
  • encouragement and involvement in the school
  • leadership development
  • technical support
  • hands on building projects
  • medical ministry
  • vocational training


Grace partners with Oono Church in Sagamihara Japan to help encourage the Church and reach people for Christ in the second largest unreached people group in the world.

Japan provides unparalleled access, potential for impact, and challenge when it comes to the great commissions, meaning that it’s open and welcoming for travel by Christians and yet at the same time spiritually closed to the gospel.

Grace believes that we are called as Christians to press into places in the world that are difficult, and where the spiritual need is greatest. In Japan, less than 1% of the population is Christian, but there is a small group of believers in many cities that are trying to reach their communities for Christ, including our partner church.


Opportunities to serve include:

  • encouraging young mothers
  • sharing your experience of living out your faith in your career
  • creative arts
  • prayer
  • leadership development
  • online connections that help Japanese Christians grow as disciples