June is Revival month at Grace!


June 30 | 11:00AM-3:00PM | Liberty Park

We will join together as one church at Liberty Park for worship and baptism! Bring chairs, blankets, tents, etc. After the service, you're welcome to hang out! We will have local food trucks and plenty of activities for kids and kids-at-heart! Bring all of your friends and neighbors and let's fill up the park! VISIT for details.


June 2 & 9 | 6:30PM | Hosted at Grace McKean

At these worship nights, we will have teaching from Pastor Derek about gifts of the Spirit. June 2 will be focused on an overview of the gifts, as well as healing and miracles. June 9 will focus on the gift of Prophecy and praying for friends and family to attend Sunday in the Park. There are a lot of special surprises in store for these special nights! Childcare is available through Grade 2.


Every Sunday in June | All Services

There is more going on than the eye can see. When you look around you and notice people and buildings and trees and houses, that’s not all there is. There is a whole other world that we live in. An invisible world – and it’s just as real as the physical world. There is a spiritual world – light and darkness, good and evil – forces that are at work all around us at all times. Every struggle that you have is a spiritual struggle – the bible says that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood but that we wrestle against spiritual forces that are at work all around us. But here’s the thing. You are never alone in your battles. God Himself is our spiritual ally – He has provided us the most powerful resource – the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God is stronger than any weapon imaginable in the physical realm – he’s stronger than tanks or guns or nuclear bombs because these are not the weapons we need to overcome in this world. What we need is what the Spirit provides. Yes, there’s more than the eye can see. During the month of June at Grace we’ll be studying through a series of messages called Invisible – where we’ll learn how to stand against the enemy and walk in the Spirit.