The Story of Scripture

Saturday, January 12, 2019

January 12, 2019 from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Location: 7300 Grubb Road McKean, Pennsylvania 16426 McKean, Pennsylvania 16426

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Campuses: Grace McKean

Contact: Brittney Wolf, Jessica Burkell, Sarah Burtt

*Registration is closed, but walk-Ins are welcome. Please note that some sessions may be filled and first priority will be given to those who pre-registered.*

The Story of Scripture is the greatest story ever told! We get a first hand glimpse into every detail through the Bible. The more we learn and discover, the more real this story becomes in our everyday lives. Join gifted teachers from Grace and the Erie community as they unpack the Word of God and discover a greater understanding of who He is, what it means to believe in Jesus Christ, the grand story God is writing, and more. Whether you are brand new to reading Scripture or a veteran of many years, you will be encouraged and challenged through these sessions.

Dr. Seulgi L. Byun
Chair, Biblical Studies & Religion and Philosophy Department
Associate Professor of Biblical & Religious Studies
Grove City College

Each breakout covers a different area of Biblical knowledge and is tailored to address a broad audience. The 101/201/301 labels give you an idea of how advanced the content is.

Pastor Andy Kerr- Who is this character? (101) There are so many different people in the Bible and one way you can read and study is to choose a person that interests you and do a character study. Come and learn now!

Pastor Derek Sanford- What is Theology? (101) What does it mean to think rightly about God and His Word? Discover what theology is and isn’t and why it is important for the church and important for you.

Sarah Burtt- What is the Bible? (101) The Bible claims to be the Word of God. What does this mean? How did the Bible come to include 66 books? Who decided which books to include? Can we trust something that has been translated so many times?

Pastor Malcolm Beall- “I’ve Found My Chair: Now What?” (101) Take a closer look at “quiet time” with the Lord. Where do you start? How do you structure yourself? What are the essentials?

Pastor Jim Scarpitti- What is the Gospel? (101) Discover what the Good News of Jesus Christ is all about! Trace the Gospel in Scripture and learn how to practically live a gospel-centered life.

Keith Eller- Intro to Apologetics: Faith & Reason (201) This session will provide an overview of apologetics with a focus on the relationship between faith and reason. 

Chrissy Kern - Paul & his Letters (201) Ever wondered who the people were that Paul was writing to?! Find out that and more about the context and content of Paul’s letters to churches and people in the early church.

Pastor Mike Watson- Prayers of Scripture (201) Dive in and discover prayers in the Scriptures. Who was praying? What was the focus of their prayers? How can we learn from these prayers?

Kristin Hesch- An Effective Method for Bible Study (201) Studying the Bible is not just for theologians and pastors! Every one of us can discover that digging into the Scriptures leads to a fun adventure of understanding our Creator and what He created us for. This session will offer a hands-on opportunity to apply the Inductive Bible Study Method to reveal the many truths found within the pages of God’s Word.

Anna Bentley- The Parables of Jesus (201) Jesus often used this ancient teaching style to communicate a particular point to his middle-eastern audience. Since we don’t have the same cultural background as his original listeners, how do we understand the full extent of what he was saying? Come learn to hear what Jesus’ listeners heard and discover the surprising truth of His words.

Pastor Nichole Schreiber- Seeing the Old Testament in the New Testament (301) Is the Old Testament still relevant? Yes! It’s thread is woven through the New Testament. Come and see!

Lisa Treusch- Atonement (301) Why is atonement an important concept to understand? Come trace the thread from Genesis through Jesus and uncover the fullness of what it means for our lives.

Pastor Brian Lusky- God on Mission (301) God is on mission and the Bible tells a story from start to finish of his heart for not just every person, but every “people” on earth. We’ll look at the implications of how understanding God’s mission as told through scripture influences how we prioritize making disciples of all nations, and how we can do this right from home.


8:00                        Doors Open (registration, café)

8:30                        “Find Your Chair” drama (Worship Center)

8:50                        Introduce Keynote Speaker

9:00                        Keynote Address (Worship Center)

10:00- 2:00         Breakout Sessions (throughout building)

                *Lunch at 11 and 12 with 2nd Keynote Address (Commons)