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Better Together

Join Us in June:

In some ways, through technology, our world has never been more connected. And in other ways, it seems, we’ve never been more divided. Splintered. At odds with one another. Lonely. After a year of lockdown and isolation, the church has learned what it means to be scattered. To love our neighbors, to serve the common good, to turn living rooms into sanctuaries and devices at the kitchen table into portals for spiritual and relational connection. And now as the world slowly begins to open its doors again. We must reconsider the power of the church gathered. From the beginning the church has always existed in a rhythm of scattering and gathering. We must bring our faith and hope into both realities. But this June at Grace Church we will explore the unique things that can happen only in our gathering. We gather unto the reigning and risen person of Jesus. We gather in the Spirit to worship our God and he inhabits our praises. We gather to be formed more fully into the people God desires. We gather for community and encouragement and to combat the loneliness of isolation. We gather because we are one. We gather because we’re better together.

Service Times in person at Grace McKean (7300 Grubb Rd), Grace Harborcreek (2420 Cumberland Rd):

  • SUNDAYS: 8:30am | 10:00am | 11:30am

Online at Grace Online, Facebook, and YouTube:

  • SUNDAYS: 8:30am | 10:00am | 11:30am

Sunday Service Times on Local Television:

  • WICU - 7:00am
  • WSEE - 8:00am
  • ENN+ - 11:00am

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