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Stories: The Parables of Jesus

Join Us April 1 - May. 27:

Jesus was the master story teller. In fact, approximately one third of the words of Jesus recorded in the Bible were stories. These stories are called parables, and Jesus used these parables about every-day experiences - to help us understand deep truths about God. Many of these stories you have heard before, but you may never have considered the true depth of their meaning. In many of his parables, Jesus was presenting a new way of living called the Kingdom of God. His Kingdom offers a new reality for those who need hope. His Kingdom brings about justice and mercy. His Kingdom is being built by people who have reoriented their lives to the ways of Jesus. And in the details of these brilliant stories – we can find our story. Join us in April as we unravel some of the great parables of Jesus and consider his invitation to become citizens of a whole new Kingdom.

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  • Grace McKean | 7300 Grubb Rd.
  • Grace Harborcreek | 2420 Cumberland Rd.

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  • Grace Girard | Girard High School

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