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I Am Jesus

Join Us in February & March:

If I wanted to reveal my identity to you, I would find different ways to describe who I am. I am a Christian. I am a husband to my wife. I am a father to my kids. I am a pastor at Grace. I am a graduate of Trinity Divinity School. I am a Seattle Seahawks fan. Using those two words, “I am,” reveals important pieces of my identity to you.

From the opening pages of the gospel of John, Jesus himself uses seven “I AM” statements to reveal his identity to the world. These phrases paint for us a profound picture of Jesus; His character, His motives, His interactions, and His priorities. To the dead man, Jesus was life. To the prostitute, Jesus was a second chance. To the searching, He was the long-awaited answer. But there is one big difference between when Jesus used those two words and when we do. In biblical times, the phrase I AM was a title reserved for God alone. So, when Jesus introduced Himself starting with the words I AM, it was His not-so-subtle way of letting the world know that He was the One True God.

Some of you know Jesus at a distance. Or you know him incompletely. You think of Jesus as a good teacher. Or a religious figure. A moral leader. But to assume you know Him is not enough. He wants you to know him more intimately- and to do that you’re going to want to know what Jesus has to say about himself and who He claims to be. Who is Jesus? Join us this February/March to discover exactly what it means when He says, "I Am Jesus."

Service Times in person at Grace McKean (7300 Grubb Rd), Grace Harborcreek (2420 Cumberland Rd):

  • SUNDAYS: 8:30am | 10:00am | 11:30am

Online at Grace Online, Facebook, and YouTube:

  • SUNDAYS: 8:30am, 10:00am, 11:30am, and 9:00pm
  • DAILY ON GRACE ONLINE: Noon and 9:00pm

Sunday Service Times on Local Television:

  • WICU - 7:00am
  • WSEE - 8:00am
  • ENN+ - 11:00am

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