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Jesus Never Said That

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We have learned in recent months the importance of reliable sources. Before that we could see the predictable world through the predictable lens of our choosing. Filtering our images, picking the news we want to hear, and listening only to people who agree with us. All that has changed. Suddenly we’ve become very cognizant of hidden agendas, false information, and unreliable sources. We want the unfiltered truth – just the fact please. Otherwise our view of the world can become distorted. The same thing can happen to our view of God. It’s easy to shape our perception of Him based on what we want to believe, based on what we were taught growing up, or even our own opinions about life. God created us in His image and many people have returned they favor. They created God in their our image. Jesus came to bring us the truth about God and His plan for our lives – just the facts! But there have been so many hidden agendas and unreliable sources over the years that it’s hard to get to the unfiltered truth. This new series will cut through the noise of the world’s perceptions and opinions about Jesus and just get to the facts. We will go straight to the source. Our world has turned upside down with a global pandemic and many of us have been doing some soul searching. We need something solid to rebuild on. Jesus tells us the truth about God and about how he designed our lives to work. You don’t want to miss this series in April and May called Jesus Never Said THAT! Invite everyone you know who is looking for some truth and hope in this time of uncertainty!

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