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Getting Close to God

Join Us Jan. 7 - Feb. 28:

Have you ever wondered how to be closer to God and to be more in tune with His plan for your life? It’s very easy to get into a spiritual rut. Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into years, and it’s surprising how quickly the years can pass without ever feeling like you’re making progress in your relationship with God. Are things any different for you today spiritually than they were 12 months ago? When is the last time a fire was lit inside of you that caused you to live differently, confront a habitual sin in your life, take a risky step of faith, or make important decisions based on your life’s true purpose? Why would you risk going for another 12 months to just be in the same place you are right now? This year instead of a bunch of New Year’s resolutions, what if you sat down with God and said, “How can I walk more closely with You? How can I prioritize my relationship with You every day? What is Your desire for what’s next in my life, in the life of my family, and in the life of our church?” This January and February at Grace we will explore what it looks like to get closer to God in 2018 by teaching through some spiritual practices that you can incorporate into your daily life. We will conclude this series in February by embarking on 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting as a church. If that concept is new to you – don’t worry there will be a variety of different ways and different levels in which to participate. Let’s start this New Year together the right way!

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  • Grace McKean | 7300 Grubb Rd.
  • Grace Harborcreek | 2420 Cumberland Rd.

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  • Grace Girard | Girard High School

    8:30 am, 10:00 am and 11:30 am:

  • Grace Online |
  • Grace Online is also available daily at 9:00 pm EST

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