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The Art of Living Well

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Jesus said one of his reasons for coming to earth was to provide his children the “fullness of life” or a life that is rich and satisfying. In recent years it’s become apparent that in the lives of a lot of Christians there is an obstacle that keeps us from living the abundant life that Jesus promised: finances. Across the US 9 out of 10 people say that they struggle with money. Maybe more than any other earthly factor personal finances affects our lives, it affects our marriages and our families, it affects our decisions and our entire future because we’re struggling with the issue of money. And if money is one of the key factors that affects our lives and also our discipleship and ability to follow Jesus – then we better address it.

This isn’t going to be about the church asking you to give more money – it’s about us coming along side you and say what would it look like to view money God’s way. So just envision for a moment a life where you are debt-free, where you don’t feel burdened financially all the time, where you’re not constantly fighting with your spouse about money or feeling the constant pressure of financial worry. We want to see the people of Grace Church on the move toward financial freedom.

Service Times in person at Grace McKean (7300 Grubb Rd), Grace Harborcreek (2420 Cumberland Rd):

  • SUNDAYS: 8:30am, 10:00am, and 11:30am

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