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The Gospel of John

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How would you like to sit down with one of Jesus’ best friends and hear what it was like to spend three years by his side? That’s exactly what we find within the pages of the Gospel of John. John had a front-row seat to Jesus’ life and ministry. He watched how Jesus loved people others ignored, how he taught with surprising insight, and how he performed astounding miracles. John was there when Jesus was put to death on a cross, and he saw Jesus three times after he rose from the dead. His time with Jesus convinced him that he was truly the Son of God and the Savior of the world. John discovered that his deepest longings were finally satisfied in Jesus alone: his longing for truth and for love, for life and for purpose. And John wrote his gospel to share this good news with others, so that many more people could know Jesus as their Savior and receive the truth, love, life and purpose that only He can give. You might be skeptical about Jesus. You might have doubts and questions about Christianity. But if there’s a possibility that Jesus is who he claimed to be, isn’t he worth investigating? Join us for the month of November to learn more about Jesus from a first-hand witness and decide for yourself what you believe.

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