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The Problem of God

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To many, Christianity is seen through a lens of anti. Anti-science, anti-progress, anti-sexuality, anti-diversity, anti-choice, anti-tolerance, and anti-fun-of-any-kind. But even with huge advancements in the areas of technology, science, and human knowledge – there is still a deep hunger – even among cynics and skeptics - for spiritual meaning and purpose. During the month of September, using a new book by Mark Clark as our guide, we will investigate The Problem of God. And maybe among all the worldviews, Christianity still answers our questions, and our longings, better than anything else. Maybe it still presents the most distinct and clarifying answers to the problem of origins, and meaning, and morality, and life’s purpose in the marketplace of ideas. And maybe it’s more than just an idea worth arguing but it points us to a person worth following. This month we will look at the Problem of God’s existence, the Problem of Science, the Problem of the Bible, and the Problem of Sex. It’s going to be an exciting and informative series!

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