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ationale: If you are a fisherman or the friend of a fisherman, you have probably heard of the practice called “catch and release.” This simply means when you capture the fish on your line, you unhook them and return them to the water unharmed. And if the catch is worthwhile you probably snuck a picture in there too. Ironically, the Old Testament includes a catch and release story of its own, except it’s the fish doing the catching and releasing of a person. A man named Jonah. Actually, it was clearly God who caught His runaway prophet, and also God who miraculously released him to fulfill his purpose and complete a dangerous mission to an evil empire. Sounds intriguing doesn’t it!?

Many people know Jonah as a children’s story, but his life provides many grown-up lessons. Especially to those who may find themselves running from God. Maybe you’re running from God Himself, or maybe you’re running from your calling in life or from a difficult assignment or maybe it’s less intentional and more just carelessly drifting. I think we can all learn from Jonah an important two-word lesson when it comes to our relationship with God… “Stop Running.” If you are desiring to see God move in your life you need to grasp this truth: God is willing to do whatever it takes to bring you back to him. In this series we’ll learn many lessons along the way about running and redemption and through it all we will see that compared to hurricanes, and tempests, and great whales and evil civilizations, that God is greater still. If your faith has been drifting or you know someone who has been running from God – this series is for you!

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