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The Church Has Left the Building

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Two thousand years ago, a gathering of people in a Middle Eastern city began a movement that would circle the globe and leave its mark on individuals and cultures on every continent for the rest of history. This movement would eventually become known as The Church. Over time the church has come to be identified with certain traditions, cultural symbols, and brick-and-mortar edifices. During recent months, due to a global pandemic, many of these things were taken away. There have been conversations about whether or not the church is an essential business, what are our constitutional rights as it relates to gathering together, and when can we inhabit our church buildings again? But what if the pandemic has helped reveal to us what Jesus wanted the church to be in the first place? A movement and not an institution. A people and not a facility. A scattering instead of just a gathering. We will explore these themes and more during the month of July.

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