Let's start spreading a little joy in 2020. Friendsgiving is a nice way to gather safely with friends and neighbors, talk about life, and start the holiday season off with gratitude in our hearts.

Friendsgiving is an opportunity for you to take your faith from weekly to daily, by inviting your friends and neighbors into your home. Our hope is that it would allow you to share life with the people you’re praying for and hopefully lead to spiritual conversations about Jesus.


Here are some tips to help make your evening a success:

  • Create a cool invitation. Here are two websites we like:
  • Make sure you give plenty of time for your invite to be considered (2 weeks advance notice is generally acceptable)
  • Send a reminder text or phone call a couple days before sharing your excitement for the evening and other details that you feel pertinent (dish that was agreed to bring...don’t forget to address allergies)
  • Pray for your guests and for the conversations that will unfold!
Night of:
  • Sharing a meal together doesn’t have to involve elaborate preparations and hours in the kitchen (unless that’s your thing!). Make it as easy and informal as you’d like- the important part is that you create a comfortable environment for conversation to flow. So, make the meal yourself, invite guests to bring a dish, or order carryout. Use the china dishes and cloth napkins or make clean up easy with paper and plasticware. Pull your chairs up to a kitchen table, dining table, island or coffee table, look each person in the eye, smile and enjoy time with people you care about.
  • Look for a moment to invite them to take a next step from the dinner. It could be coming with you to church, or Christmas Eve Services (watching in your home or attending in person). Use discernment for the best way to ask and if it’s better to wait and follow up with them afterwards.
Follow Up:
  • Send a text next day just letting them know how much you enjoyed your time together and anything else you feel pertains to the conversation that you had.


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