Grace Families: We are here for you! Whether you're newly married, have children, are a single parent, or want marriage support, we hope to be a reliable resource for you! Please don't hesitate to reach out if we can help in any way. Your family's spiritual health is a big priority for us!


Check out our GraceKids page for a weekly breakdown of all the videos and resources you need to lead your family in an experience together! It's basically an at-home, DIY version of what we'd do together at church on Sunday. Each week includes the following:

  • Parent Instructions and Lesson - "DL at Home" 
  • Sunday Experience - "Discovery Land at Home" (full weekly preschool and elementary lessons) 
  • Weekly Review – Follow WHOISGRACEKIDS on YouTube to see the weekly review
  • Big Church Bulletin 

Our daily READ plan can be found HERE. Tracker's Treasures is for Elementary aged kids, and Tracker Jr. is for preschool children.

  • Wordless Book: The Believe it or Not tract uses the Wordless Book colors to share the Gospel (salvation).
  • Now What: Next steps to help your child grow in their walk with Jesus 
  • Believe it or Not: Tool to lead your child to Christ and for them to lead their friends! (sharing faith) 
  • DL Top 12: 12 key verses to help you and your family stand firm for Jesus 
  • Feel Right Posters (For Preschool and Elementary): These posters help you talk through emotions with your children. Letting them express themselves is very important. Training up a Biblical Worldview will help them not to live out of their emotions first, but learn to "Know Right, Think Right, Do Right and Feel Right."


GraceYouth is the student ministry at Grace Church for 6th-12th grade. We desire to equip students to make and be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We offer a chance for students to get plugged into community through life groups where they will pursue Jesus with one another! GraceYouth offers life groups, worship, games, and a welcoming environment for all students!


GraceYouth is held each Wednesday night from 7:00-9:00 P.M. at Grace McKean and Grace Harborcreek. All you need to do is show up!


We are active where youth are active: online and through social media. Please feel free to follow along and stay in the loop:


We love our leaders! Please find your weekly LifeGroup Curriculum HERE!

Interested in serving? Email Matt!

  • Dedication: Child Dedication is an important celebration in your parenting journey and we're excited to walk alongside you as you teach your child to know, love and serve Jesus. Please contact for more information and future dates. 
  • Leading a Child to Christ:
    • For GraceKids, we use the Wordless Book as a simple and effective tool to talk through the Gospel. This Believe it or Not PDF walks you through this tool using scripture as the foundation.
  • Baptism: Check out what Grace Church believes about Believer’s Baptism: We believe children and youth can have a real and transformational relationship with Jesus Christ! We look forward to having a conversation with your child or student as they grow in their faith.
  • Transition into GraceYouth: We believe that this is an important time to pass the baton and not drop the ball. When a child goes into 6th grade, they transition from GraceKids to GraceYouth where they learn about who Jesus is in engaging LifeGroup discussions.
  • Graduation: This is a pivotal point for a student. They are transitioning into a new stage of life, whether that is college, the workforce, or something else. By this point, a student has been equipped over the years in GraceKids and GraceYouth to make and be a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ! No matter where a student transitions to, it is our hope that we can come alongside and equip them in whatever ways possible.
  • Parent Download: This is a weekly parent Facebook Live that airs on Tuesdays at 9:00pm on the Grace Church Facebook page and focuses on the Family Unit, Youth, Kids and Marriage!
  • RightNow Media: This is a great resource filled with studies and curriculum for all ages and stages of life!  Don’t have an account?


Marriage mentoring is for couples in all stages of married life! Whether you’re just surviving or thriving, each couple can benefit from coming alongside those who have walked a similar journey. You will receive friendship, counsel and prayer from a godly couple who has many years of married life experience. Couples are carefully matched for compatibility and embark together on a personal journey of growth! Email to start the process.

  • If you want to get married at Grace and/or by a Grace Pastor, please fill out the wedding application at
  • To sign up for the next Pre-Marital Save Your Marriage Before It Starts Class (SYMBIS) or private pre-marital counseling from a trained facilitator, email
  • You can also receive marriage or pre-marital counseling from a professional Christian counselor through Christian Counseling Associates (CCA) at both of our locations. Find further details at To schedule an appointment, call 724.396.1510.
  • RightNow Media: There are so many great marriage resources on RNM, our online library of studies and curriculum. Don’t have an account? Sign up at
  • YouVersion: This is another great resource with great studies to strengthen your relationship with God AND your spouse!
  • LifeGroup: Not plugged in to a LifeGroup yet? Go here!