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The impact of School Sponsorship - Grace en Sion (Haiti)

The impact of School Sponsorship - Grace en Sion (Haiti)

by Jalonna Krueger on November 14, 2021

While changed circumstances sometimes change people, changed people always change circumstances. 

Dr. Wess Stafford

In 2017, I walked into the doors of Grace en Sion school in Cap Haitien, Haiti.  While I had heard about the impact our support had to these teachers and students, it didn't come to life until I was standing in a small room full of 50 children practically sitting on each other's laps. They didn't have a playground to get their energy out or multiple rooms they could rotate to. They didn't have an abundance of snacks or new clothes to wear every day. 

But what this group did have was joy, perseverance, and some of the best smiles I've ever seen. I grew up working with children since I was a child myself.  Standing in these rooms and watching the teachers engage the group brought tears to my eyes. They loved these children. They might not have all of the bells and whistles in their room and probably come hungry to school everyday. But they are committed. They love Jesus. And they want to train up these children to know Him and to grow in mind, body and soul. 

Grace en Sion grew from 7 children to over 300 children in this small building. Because of flooding, they had to continue to find a new space and adjust their sometimes weekly plans based on weather, protests, fuel issues and finances. Madame Odiane, Pastor Migueleson's wife, has led the way as the principal of the school in such a humble yet bold way praying down any obstacles that would come their way. 

If our support of a few dollars a month could help not only change their circumstances but to give space for God to change their hearts and minds, why wouldn't we? 

So what does our support go toward? We give through the Starfish Program, which is under the umbrella of Mercy Inc. These funds helps support the school (not individuals) through resources, meals, and helping students to attend this church-sponsored school where they get to hear the Gospel daily.

Thank you for your sponsorship and for praying for these children. Many are unable to attend right now due to protests and fuel shortages. Pray God would move mountains! 

If you are interested in giving to our school sponsorship in Haiti, please go to whoisgrace.com/GIVE and click the drop-down bar for "Haiti - School". 

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