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Sharon Segal: Missionary Partner

by Derek Sanford on May 02, 2016

I would like to introduce you to one of our missionary partners, Sharon Segal, who has been diligently serving as the director of partner development at VisionTrust. I hope you will take a minute to read this update where Sharon shares how God is working in her ministry and some exciting life changes she's experienced.

I picked up the phone to call one of our key partners, a couple in their 40s who have three teenage daughters. I wanted to ask if they would be willing to host another evening in their home where they invite their friends and co-workers to have a fun, casual evening and learn a little more about what God is doing through VisionTrust. They had just been to Peru as a family and were more excited than ever about what God is calling us to do in His name. So when I talked to them, they readily agreed to host another evening. They hosted last year for the first time, and you could see the passion in their voices as they introduced their friends to VisionTrust.

This is just part of what I do as the director of partner development with VisionTrust. We connect people passionate about serving orphans and at-risk kids around the world to the ministry. We are simply the bridge for partners to make a life-changing impact on some of the neediest children around the world. In my job, I get the privilege of sharing urgent and important needs and how to get involved. I have learned that my job is to obey God and share what these children need to feel safe, loved and supported. And, the Lord works out which people He is asking to give. It’s such a joy to see partners becoming more and more generous so that more children will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Personally, I’ve has some life changes as I’ve stepped into the joyful, challenging and surprising role of being a foster mom to a young boy. With just two days’ notice, and only one week after I bought a little townhouse, I jumped into the adventure of a lifetime! But, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. With a supportive family, my church life group, and caring colleagues, I’m learning the ropes day by day and how a little guy can steal your heart.

Thank you for supporting me and all that God is calling me to do.


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