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Phil and Linda Gottschalk : Missionary Partner

by Derek Sanford on July 14, 2016

Linda and Phil Gottschalk at Tyndale Seminary
Phil and Linda Gottschalk (center) at Tyndale Theological Seminary
I recently received an update from Phil and Linda Gottschalk, our missionary partners serving with Eastern Mennonite Missions as faculty members at Tyndale Theological Seminary in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They have served at Tyndale since August 2000. I hope you will take a minute to read their update.

The big news this semester for us is that Linda successfully defended her doctorate in church history at Leiden University. This has been a long process over a period of about a decade.

She has worked for many years doing the research (in 16th century Dutch books and manuscripts buried in archives throughout the Netherlands and Germany).

Caspar Coolhaes, the subject of her writing, was a German immigrant to the Netherlands. He had been a Roman Catholic monk and then became reformed. He was too reformed for the German Evangelische Kirche (Evangelical & Reformed Church) and so moved to NL. Eventually, he was defrocked, not only for opposing the consistory of the Leiden churches but also for supporting smaller “aberrant” groups [Mennonites, Remonstrants (Arminians), Spiritualists and others].

This means Linda will be promoted in rank to assistant professor at Tyndale. She will continue to teach Research Methods (teaching master’s students to do research for their theses) and Thesis Prospectus (helping master’s thesis writers put together a good thesis proposal). She has been also teaching an elective course this semester, Topics in the Reformation, and will teach Early Church History at the Tyndale Rotterdam extension site in the fall. She also continues to serve as librarian and orders textbooks.

Phil is teaching four courses this semester at Tyndale: Pneumatology (Are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit for today?), Foundations for Theology (theory of knowledge, worldviews, science and faith, the engagement of theology with postmodernism, theological method), Apologetics (the defense of the Christian faith: veracity and reliability of the Gospels, the claims and authority of Christ, proofs for the Resurrection of Christ, again worldviews in more detail, etc.) and Introduction to Islamic Philosophy.  He also helped Linda with the printing and distribution of her dissertation to committee members at the university.

We are also pleased that our younger son, John, who lives in the Netherlands, has found a job at Media Monks, a game and media company in Hilversum, NL where he went to college. He continues to live in Utrecht.

Our older son, Steve, turned 30 May 5! He and his fiancée, Renee, will marry in Pittsburgh on July 16. So, we will be coming back to the U.S. for two months this summer.

We will also have some time at a Pennsylvania state park with family. We are looking forward to seeing our daughter, Beth; her husband, Tom; and our granddaughter, Becky, as well as Phil’s mom, sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew, brother, sister-in-law and niece.

Part of our time in the U.S. will be spent in training with our mission, EMM, and part will be spent in traveling for fund raising and to see supporters. We will be in the U.S. from until August 22. We hope to see you! Thanks for your prayers and support!

Contact the Gottschalks

Mailing Address
Philip A. Gottschalk, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Chair, Division of Theological and Historical Studies
Tyndale Theological Seminary
Egelantierstraat 1
1171JM Badhoevedorp
The Netherlands

Phone: +31-20-659-6455 ext. 204
Mobile: +31-63-411-1763

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