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Pastor Derek's Prayer at the Pennsylvania Senate

by Derek Sanford on May 08, 2017

Today I was honored to pray over the Pennsylvania Senate. I prayed with some of you this morning through Facebook live before the Senators arrived. I wanted to share what I prayed this afternoon in front of our Senators to open the session this week. 

Our Great God, 

From Erie to Philadelphia, from Green to Wayne, and every county in between - we pray for the people across this great Commonwealth. Some are struggling today to find a meal, and others are providing meals by providing jobs. Some are building homes while others need a home. At this moment, there are children sitting in school with their whole futures ahead, and senior citizens whose “glory days” are in memory-form. There are some on the streets who are hopeless and others who are on the brink of an innovation that could change the world. 

God, you see them all. You love them all. You have a purpose for them all. 

And the decisions that are made in this chamber today will impact all of them. So, for these leaders, I plead today for Your wisdom. You are the one who created every mind, body, and soul in this room. And, I pray that like a skilled conductor, You will help each one to play their unique part in the symphony you are composing at this moment in history. Today may their words, and their attitudes, and their actions all be surrendered to Your sovereign will. 

Where there is a temptation toward divisiveness – please bring unity. 

Where there is a temptation toward selfishness – please bring a generosity of spirit. 

Where there is a temptation toward pride – please bring humility. 

So that the work of this representative body would reflect the very work of God.

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