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Meet Jana Burruss: Missionary Partner

Meet Jana Burruss: Missionary Partner

by Derek Sanford on March 30, 2016

Cru at Penn State Behrend

Cru Students at Penn State Behrend

I recently had a chance to catch up with Jana Burruss, one of our missionary partners, who is serving with Cru as the North Western PA area co-director. I asked Jana to update us on Cru and what God's been doing in her life and those she's serving.

Cru’s mission is to help turn lost students and faculty into lifelong Christ-centered laborers. We want to see people transformed by the gospel, rooted in their faith and sent out for a lifetime of personal ministry wherever God calls them to go. I have the opportunity to work most closely with Penn State Erie and Edinboro University. There are three other college campuses in NWPA with Cru movements and another 11 within our scope that we would like to reach as God leads!  Our staff team consists of three full-time staff, three part-time staff and many volunteers. The students are our most valuable volunteers as they take on leadership roles on their campus to reach out to their friends and classmates. It is a blessing to be able to coach the students and help them to grow in their faith!

One of the recent faith-building activities was a spring break trip to Panama City Beach, Fla., a few weeks ago.  The conference is run by Cru’s national office and about 1,000 college students from across the nation learned how to share their faith and practiced it on the local beaches where other college students go to party. The harvest is plentiful during spring break because many party-goers begin to realize the emptiness of this lifestyle and are hungry for something more that will satisfy them. Our students got to have many spiritual conversations with people, and we prayed for “+1” experiences. These are conversations that will move them closer to Christ, whether it be just having a good conversation with a Christian that makes them more open to the gospel, or even coming to know Christ as their Savior! This year we had our largest group ever with just over 40 students across four of our campuses! 

Since coming back from spring break, the students have transitioned their focus to planning campus-wide outreaches to practice what they have learned on the beach! Penn State Erie is doing a paint dodgeball event to help students know that Cru exists there and who we are, as well as having some fun in the process!  Edinboro University is partnering with the school Health Fair and other clubs on campus to run a clothing drive for the local thrift store. These events are to create partnerships on campus as well as to provide opportunities for spiritual conversations! Please pray for good partnerships to be formed, all the little details to work out and for many spiritual conversations.

You can contact Jana or learn more about her and her ministry.

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