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DR Trip 2018: So Much the Same...So Much Different

DR Trip 2018: So Much the Same...So Much Different

by DR Team 2018 on January 10, 2018

Our DR 2018 Missions Trip Team finally became complete today, as pastor Brian joined us this afternoon. It was so great to have him join the team and jump right into us doing ministry. Tonight, we joined Pastor Silverio and Iglesio De Dios for a prayer and Bible Study. They are in the midst of a 40 day fast and prayer, and has nightly prayer meetings and Bible Studies. It was such a blessing to be there to participate in it, as well as start the Bible Study portion that I had Sarah Burt take over and do the majority of. Needless to say, she did a great job of leading it and having a discussion that both team members and Iglesio members participated in. It was a great night!

As I reflect so far on the trip though, I am reminded of something that I am very grateful of. There are so many similarities between my four trips to the DR, which is great. But what I am grateful of is this: Every missions trip has been distinctly different, and this one has some major differences! Yes, I miss the others that have been on this trip with me in the past, and aren’t on this one; but, this group of 11 are fully God appointed to be here. They are doing an amazing job with the children in the school, and the VBS we are doing; they are doing great with the church, and getting to know the people some; they are doing a great job with the staff at Vision Trust, and making them feel at home.

But, as I reminded them in our last meeting, and as we prayed in the lobby of McKean right before we left, those are not the most important things to accomplish out of this mission trip. Those things are all great, and very important, but God has such a greater reason of why we are all on this trip (or any short-term missions trip). He wants to speak to you personally and refine you as you grow closer to Him. The transparency of this group during our discussion of the devotions, particularly of what they are struggling through in life, has been transformative. We have gone over our scheduled time of discussion each day, and really got to work through some heavy things.

I appreciate this so much, and appreciate the difference in this trip, which for a “routine based” guy is huge. My wife will have a hard time believing that was written by me, I am such a creator of habit! My prayer is that the second half of the trip is just as individually transformative for our team, and that I personally hear from God just as much the rest of the week as I grow in my role with this partnership.

This is truly a blessing to be a part of. GLORIA A DIOS!!!

Pastor Malcolm

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