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DR Trip 2018: It's All New

DR Trip 2018: It's All New

by DR Team 2018 on January 09, 2018


God is good!

This is my first missions trip and I’m in awe of the love that has been pouring down on me! My fellow team members are amazing prayer warriors, blessed with the word of God on their hearts. They are my brothers and sisters as we joke and look out for each other. They are my mentors and inspire me with their prayers and their love for Jesus! When we gather together to do our devotionals, or share our testimonials, or how God is making himself known, I am aware of the Lord’s presence! With tears in my eyes, with my heart beating faster, Jesus is working on my heart and I haven’t even gotten to the best part…

The VisionTrust staff is amazing! They make me feel welcome, comfortable, and loved. It is apparent their hearts are filled with Jesus. Yet they are not the best part…not even combined with the love I feel from my teammates.

The best part are the children!!!!

They have grabbed my heart and I owe it all to God! They smile and I see Jesus. They laugh and I see Jesus. They laugh at me and I see Jesus! They hug me and I feel Jesus. I love these kids! I see this desire to learn, a desire to learn about God! They are so smart! As I butcher their language they have patience with me. As we struggle to communicate, they show me grace. I know they are teaching me more. I know I’m being blessed with more. I know God is changing me through them. So, I will give them what I’ve been given. I will love them!

I pray they see Jesus in me!

I await meeting my sponsor child. I await seeing their smiles tomorrow. I wait for their love to rain down on me. I will pour out my love for them.

I wait for what God has planned for me next and pray for courage to say yes!

I’m grateful for the opportunity, the generosity given, and the prayers provided.

Thank you God!

Jim Bartley

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