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21 Days

21 Days

by Derek Sanford on February 07, 2018

Greetings Grace Church!

Today we begin 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting. I just wanted to get some information all in one place for you. This fast will take us from February 7th to the 28th - and it will be a spiritual journey we're embarking on together as a church as we move closer to our vision series and our time of commitment in March. The goal of fasting goes right along with our current series - it is simply to draw closer to God. Biblical fasting always has to do with eliminating physical distractions for a spiritual purpose; it hits the reset button of our soul and renews us from the inside out. During that time you would normally eat a meal - simply re-purpose that time to draw closer to God through prayer, bible reading, or service. During these 21 Days I'm asking you to do 3 things: 

  1. Eliminate at least one meal per day during the 21 days. 
  2. Each Wednesday (7, 14, 21) make it an all-day fast. 
  3. On the week of the 28th break your fast together with some people who are doing it with you (preferably your Life Group)

If you're unable to eliminate meals for some reason - there are other things you can fast from like TV or social media. I believe that God is going to do a deep work in us as individuals and as a church during this time. Get ready for what He might have for you! Below are some resources for you to consider. 

Follow along with:

you can also access these at the whoisgrace app


For further information on fasting read:   

 Let's seek God together during this time!

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