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2018 Haiti Team Update: Say YES to God when He calls

2018 Haiti Team Update: Say YES to God when He calls

by Bryan Dailey on February 05, 2018

Our last morning here, 5:30 am, the birds have been awake for hours. It’s 65 outside and rather cold. My spiritual bucket is full. This particular trip has given back to us in so many ways. I came this year, fully expecting to see something big from God, and He delivered, but not the way I had expected. The 1st half of the trip was clouded by a flu bug that crept into over half the team in different ways, but one in particular. The perspective from some of the ladies made it sound like birth pains. I personally felt like I was carrying around a small bowling ball in my gut. Amidst the pain and bloated ness, there was a resiliency surrounding the team that was unwavering. We prayed together, we cared for one another, we loved one another. We were somewhat disconnected until that Wednesday night before the GLS. It seemed as though we had weathered the storm and Satan retreated and we were about to embark upon something great.
I can only speak for myself, but you could feel the change over. I mean, things were still unclear, but the team unity had kicked in. The intimacy between people had begun to take over. God usually nudges me with a thought or a conviction and it takes a little while for me to respond because I like where I’m at. Jesus has been working in me in regards to intimacy for a couple years now. During the flight down here He spoke clearly and said “I need you to be intentional, be One on One.” I obeyed and did the best I could do to just listen. I sat down with each team member at different times throughout the trip and just listened. God needed us to encourage one another. He needed us to share with one another. He needed us to try something new. You see, it’s not only a matter of saying “YES”, but its saying “YES” when God calls. We first have to be listening for Him and then we have to be available to do so. This is a struggle for me and has been for some time. I’m guilty of being distracted by a lot of good things, but not always what God calls me to. It’s easy to stay busy. It’s human nature. It’s normal.
It’s not easy to be different, to say “YES” to something unfamiliar, to step out in faith, to pray bold prayers, to listen and say nothing, to follow Jesus and His word, especially if you know His word.
The only thing we miss out by not listening to God is TIME. In fact, I am one hour closer to death in the time its taken me to write this, but I’m confident that this reflection will impact at least one person, and that person will impact another and so on. Jesus needs only ONE.
Together we are One body, One team. God is glorified when we say “YES” to Him. So, in closing, I said “YES” to Gods’ call during this time. I have peace in my heart because He has shown me through His people how to love deeper, and how to listen better. I have witnessed every single person on this trip grow closer to Jesus in 11 days. That in itself is enough for me to keep going and growing. If Jesus gave His life so that I could live, that’s LOVE. If He gave His life to LOVE, SO WILL I. That is my prayer and hope going forward. I will remember many things about this trip, such as the GLS impact, the walk up the mountain and the views of a beautiful city, the hugs and laughs, the high fives, the thumbs ups, the caressing of hair, the smells, the bumpy rides, the time spent on the toilet, the beach, working dangerously at Cowman school, singing together, the line game, ice cream at Kate’s, meeting James’ mother, seeing all our dear friends at the church and OMS, but most of all, I will remember how we grew to Love Jesus even more. That’s what it’s all about. Putting SELF to the side and saying YES to Gods call. I want to be spiritually mature enough to hear Him constantly and know its Him and I want to be ready to GO with unwavering boldness, faith, and LOVE. Until next time…….

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