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2018 Haiti Team Update: Lost in Expectation

2018 Haiti Team Update: Lost in Expectation

by Alisia Faulkner on January 31, 2018

Lost in expectations.

I wouldn’t call myself an expert on mission trip involvement by any means, but I have learned a few tricks...

I’m careful to pack just about every form of bug repellent, my favorite snacks, and just enough various medications to not draw attention. I know that Deet destroys nail polish so manicures are wasted effort, and never leave home without enough underwear.

But one thing that almost every person over packs for a mission trip is their expectations.

I’m a nurse. Today was clinic day... easy expectations right?
It’s not a comfortable situation for someone who loves following lists and having control to discover that they will in fact have neither of those things. At all.

I’m not here to simply deliver the 3 suitcases of medical equipment. I didn’t travel 1,613 miles to get blood pressures, weights, temperatures, or help diagnose... Although those things are a portion of our days, they are not my mission.

Hold up. I’m a nurse.... give me gloves, a patient, and a box to check off.

Dr Rodney said it best on our morning walk around the clinic. “Please know that the act of healing isn’t the only gift of the medical profession, but your leadership and living example of how to love and care for others as a faithful Christian is the most impactful one.”

There’s a resounding theme this trip that can be heard from morning devotionals, through interactions with the Haitian people, by way of interpretation in our assignments, and even clearly written on the schoolhouse wall...

Put down your expectations, let go of the need to “fix things”, walk away from the urge to complete tasks, and let God.

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