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10 FREE prayer resources to help you keep going

by Derek Sanford on April 01, 2016

We just came off an amazing experience of prayer at Grace called The School of Prayer. Stories have been rolling in of the impact of this series on people's personal prayer life, their families' prayer life, and I even noticed a difference in our corporate prayer life as we gathered each Sunday for worship. The question that's come to me a number of times now is, "what's next?" I mean, how can we keep the momentum going? Here are 10 free resources to help you continue in prayer. 

  1. Calendar. The key to prayer is making it a priority. The best way to do that is by scheduling time in your calendar to pray. Many of you established a good prayer rhythm last month. Continue it. Grab your phone, your computer, or your good old fashioned desk calendar - and make sure your prayer time is on there. Set alarms and reminders if necessary! 
  2. Life Group Prayer: continue the momentum that you gained in your life group through the prayer series. Make sure you are carving out plenty of intentional time to pray when you gather - and exchange texts of prayer requests in between meetings. 
  3. Prayer Guide ... again. The School of Prayer guide is available online for as many times as you want to download it. Feel free to print off a fresh copy and go through it again - maybe invite a friend.  
  4. Daily prayer guide/prompt. Here is a good one to check out from Sacred Space, this tool offers daily prayers, Scripture readings, and contemplative questions.
  5. Experience Prayer. It's a group that meets every Tuesday night (except the first Tuesday of each month) to pray for each others' needs as well as for the church and community. They meet at Grace McKean at 6:30 PM. 
  6. Online Prayer Wall. Here you can submit requests and you can also pray for the many requests that are on the wall. There is a button to click to indicate that you've prayed. This is a great encouragement to the person who made the request.     
  7. Download a Prayer app. The most helpful one I've found is called Echo. Another prayer app to check out is Ora.    
  8. Do a study on Right Now Media. If your curiosity has been peaked about prayer - do some further study by watching some online teaching on the subject. Every Grace attender is eligible for a free subscription to Right Now Media. It's like Netflix but with Christian content. If you need a subscription - feel free to contact the church office. There are some great studies on prayer by Francis Chan, Matt Chandler, and Margaret Feinberg.        
  9. Use Operation World to help you pray for every country all over the globe. 
  10. Live Stream 24/7 Prayer RoomBrought to you by the International House of Prayer, you can watch the live feed of 24/7 prayer and worship from their prayer room.

If you do want to spend a little money, I'd recommend regularly reading a good book on Prayer. It will help keep your passion hot and your perspective broad. Here are a few I'd recommend (with links). 




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