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Grace En Sion Church

    In September 2011 – we laid out a 5 year vision for Grace Church that included 5 initiatives that we will chase together. One of those vision initiatives was to begin two global church to church partnerships, so that Grace could step up to our responsibility as a church to get involved globally.

    We hit the ground running in Haiti. With a long-standing history of missionary work in Cap Haitien and several full-time missionaries from Grace on the ground already, we began investigating potential partner churches. We were looking for a church that was compatible with Grace’s leadership, theology, mission, and values. We found that church in Sion Church, and we found those leaders in Pastors Migueloson Alcius and James Israel.

    In October 2011, Pastor Derek and Aaron Lundberg met with the leaders of Sion church and laid the foundation for an ongoing partnership and that same year after support by the Elders and congregation, a partnership was formalized. Then in 2012 the leaders of Sion Church decided to change the name of the church to Grace in Sion in honor of our partnership.

    Sion Church was started July 11th, 2000 by Pastor Migueloson in suburban Cap Haitien. By 2011 when we began partnering with them, the church was averaging approximately 100 people in weekend attendance. The church facility was a 2nd story space consisting of one room for worship space, a small office, and adjoined by Pastor Migueloson’s living space with his family. There was also a small school meeting at the church which consisted of 2 teachers and 12 students in 1st-4th grade.  

    Since forming the partnership, the church has almost tripled in size to between 280-305 in weekend attendance. On a recent Sunday, they had 50 new visitors and celebrated 13 first time decisions for Christ. Over the past 5 years, through the Starfish sponsorship program, the people of Grace Church have provided food, books, school supplies and education to hundreds of children.  At present, there are 239 students enrolled at Englise Grace en sion school from 3 y.o. pre-school through 6th grade.   

    Since 2011 we have taken 77 people over 7 trips to Haiti to participate in this partnership. Our teams have assisted the church in projects such as: church strategic planning, school assistance, parent seminars, church leadership seminars, worship, youth ministry, community cleanup projects, building an electric inverter, constructing school benches and desks, renovation of the church space, providing medical clinics and kids ministry for the neighborhood around the church.  We have participated in over a dozen worship services, shared testimonies and experienced God in many unique and exciting ways. This partnership has enabled Grace en Sion Church to have more impact in the community and introduce more people to Jesus. 

    We are honored to be a continuing part of the story that God is writing in Haiti through our church to church partnership with Grace en Sion Church.

    Check out the Grace en Sion facebook page.
    Here's more information about Grace en Sion School Sponsorship (Starfish Kids).

    Questions about getting involved with our partnership or future trips?  


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