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Emma's Footprints


    Emma's Footprints is a non-profit whose mission is to support families who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss.

    Who we are: We are an organization whose vision is to establish supportive relationships with mothers wounded by pregnancy or infant loss.  Our intention is to start those relationships by meeting the tangible and often unexpected needs that arise during such difficult times.

    What we do: Our services differ depending on the particular family and circumstance.  Some examples include covering funeral expenses, purchasing memorial trees, providing referrals to faith based and reputable counseling services, in addition to simply answering emails with difficult questions like "why me" and "How do I cope?"
    How you can help:
    Pray for these families and for our staff as we serve the brokenhearted. 
    To sign up for volunteer opportunities contact Lindsay Metcalfe our volunteer coordinator at 
    For more information:
    Check out our website  www.emmasfootprints.com


    10.24.14 Partner Ministries, Local Opportunities | by J.T. Salmon |