Learn to Lead

The simplest definition of leadership is that “leadership is influence.” If this is true, every Christian is called to be a leader – to influence our families, friends and neighbors with the love of Christ. But, our calling doesn’t stop at just being a leader. We also have a responsibility to get better. Ultimately, when a leader gets better, everyone wins. So, at Grace we believe equipping people for leadership is a high priority. 

The development of you as a leader at Grace will not only benefit you personally but also will benefit the church. Already, nearly two thirds of our staff at Grace is made up of volunteer leaders. But we have a big vision for the future which includes transforming our immediate community and impacting our region and the world. The fulfillment of this vision hinges on the constant development and deployment of well-trained leaders.

This is why we have created Learn to Lead: a series of classes, trainings, and programs to develop you as a leader who is Biblically grounded, spiritually maturing, and skilled to serve and lead wherever God calls you. Our dream is that hundreds of emerging leaders would receive a Certificate of Leadership through this two-year program and that countless others would benefit from selective participation in individual courses.

Biblical Studies
We will be offering a variety of theology courses throughout the year at Grace taught by Winebrenner Theological Seminary professors at Grace McKean and will include topics like Systematic theology and Old and New Testament Surveys. These classes will include a small fee (approx. $75) and may have an optional textbook purchase. 

We also will be partnering with Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Chicago) to make classes available for audit to Grace leaders at one of their extension sites in Pittsburgh, Akron or Columbus. These classes will involve some travel (usually Friday night/Saturday) and a small fee (approx. $120) and will be taught live by some of the best Bible Scholars in the world. These opportunities will be offered several times per year.

Ministry Training
This prong includes Professional Development Training including local or national ministry events focused on specific areas of ministry (e.g., conferences), full staff meetings, Right Now Media training, or Leadership One Days - days designed to allow leaders to choose one to three short, 30- to 60-minutes training sessions within their area of ministry.

Leadership Development
Not only do we host Willow Creek's Global Leadership Summit every August – but we will be offering an 8-week Church Leadership Training taught by Pastor Derek and some of our staff at Grace. We will also make available our online library of topic-specific ministry training videos.

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