Next Steps

What are Next Steps?

Our faith isn’t a once-and-done experience. God wants us to know him, do the things Jesus did, and have his character traits. When that’s our goal, we please Him and He blesses us. That lifestyle doesn’t come instantly! It happens over time when we take a step toward God, and then a next step, and so on. In fact, we believe that everyone always has a spiritual Next Step to take.

God is a hand-crafter, not a mass producer, so your Next Step might look different than everyone else’s. The church’s part is to provide opportunities through events, classes, programs, etc. Your part is to take that Next Step! At Grace, we’ve organized those next steps activities in four categories: L.I.V.E. To find out more, click on the letters above.

  • LIVE in Community
  • INVEST in Others
  • VOLUNTEER your Time
  • EQUIP Yourself

Life Groups

We believe that Life Groups are the primary way that people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. That makes Life Groups the main spiritual discipleship engine of our church.

A Life Group is a relatively small group of people who gather on a regular basis to grow in their faith and build authentic relationships.


Connection Point: Group

These groups generally meet at the church and involve slightly larger numbers. This is a good way to become familiar with the structure of a life group.