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Family Ministry

All-encompassing ministry to families, including parents, children and youth.

Foundational Ministries

Ministries, events and initiatives that are vital to the health and culture of Grace Church as a whole.


Care and Support Ministries at Grace which include Pastoral Guidance, Professional Counseling referrals, and "Get Help's Night of Hope." The Night of Hope includes Celebrate Recovery and a host of other support groups.


Stands for "Grace Family Experience." This is a ministry that creates family-friendly events and activities for children and parents.


Children's ministry at Grace Church.


Grace's term for "coordinator/director." You may also hear "Leader." This is a person who has leadership over a certain area of ministry.


Used interchangeably with "site," but mostly in print.


A new way to grow and expand churches. Similar to a church plant, but instead of the "plant" being sent away with no support, it can leverage the support, expertise and resources of the "sending church."