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Why Invest In Others?

"...love your neighbor as yourself..."
-Matthew 22:39

The concept of "INVESTing in Others" can be a daunting one. But all of us have a unique, God-given opportunity to positively affect our families, co-workers, neighbors and communities.

At Grace, we want to come alongside and help you make that difference. Our part is to provide classes, instruction, and coaching and other group activities. Your part is to take the challenge and make a difference!

ServErie, is the primary way that all of us at Grace (and several other churches in the region) join together to serve the community.  If you are looking for other opportunities to INVEST in others, click here.  If you would like to Submit an Opportunity, you can do so here.

Grace Church also supports missionaries who are living out their calling and serving Jesus throughout the world. To see a list of the currently missionary partners, click here. If you're interested in supporting a missionary, you can do so here