Learn to Lead: GraceKids Leader Edition Breakouts

Breakout Session 1:

Classroom Management: HELP! Our kids are running around, and I’ve lost all control. Maybe you haven’t lost control, but you walk away each Sunday asking yourself if your kids learned anything at all. Join us for some simple, yet effective tools that will help you, the leader, be in control from beginning to end.

Engaging kids with special needs: In today’s world, kids with special needs (whether behavior, mental, or physical) get lost! These little blessings can not only grasp how wide and deep and powerful God’s love is for them…they can completely impact our lives in BIG ways! Learn some techniques and ways to engage these children in a way that will help them meet Jesus in a way that makes the most sense to them!   

Leading a child to Christ: Can children really have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? In GraceKids, we believe God can transform a young child for eternity! We have tools that will help equip you to clearly share the Gospel with kids of all ages within GraceKids, lead a child to Christ, and empower kids of all ages to GO and tell the world about Jesus! 

Teaching kids how to pray: We don’t want to create disciples of us or GraceKids. When they leave us on a Sunday morning, we want them to connect with the One, True God!! How do we build this into our time in GraceKids? And what tools can we give them to take home?  

Breakout Session 2:

Early Childhood (Nursery – Ages Newborn – Age 2): Cuddling babies is so much fun! Did you know that even our youngest GraceKids friends can experience prayer, Scripture, hands on activities, and “LifeGroup”?  Find out ideas that will help you engage these littlest friends for even a 5 minute activity and song. 

Toddlers (Ages 2-3): These energetic kiddos are in the “I can do it” phase and are like sponges when it comes to learning new information, experiencing new things, and making lifelong friends. Walk away with ways to embrace the beautiful chaos while creating teachable moments where they will eagerly go home sharing the Bible story, singing the songs, and reciting the verse! 

Preschool (Ages 3-4): This is the phase when anything can be imagined, everything can be a game, and one curious preschooler wants to know, “WHY”? How can we take advantage of this season of exploration and introduce them to the powerful truth of God and His Word? Walk away with hands-on ideas of how to bring the Bible to life for this age group and what YOUR role can be (Life Group Leader and Helper alike) in helping to make this happen? 

Elementary (Kindergarten-5th Grade): When working with this group, you have kids from ages 5-11. How do we engage the heart of a 5th grade boy while not completely going over the head of a Kindergartner. Ultimately, engaging them in a Life Group environment and building intentional relationships with them and their friends is what will make the biggest difference. Walk away with simple ideas that will go a long way!! We don’t want to lose these young leaders, as this is a critical time in their development…with friends, leaders and with Jesus! 

Welcome and Support:  Each of our Welcome and Support leaders have a very special and unique role! Guests and new families meet you first, which gives you the opportunity to show them the love of Christ and His Church in a very intentional way! Join us as we talk through some changes as we walk into this new year, as well as goals of where we would like to go. Brainstorm together for ways we can best welcome and care for our families!