Dominican Republic - Vision Trust Dominicana

Grace is partnering with Vision Trust Dominicana and local heroes Pastor Silverio Fulgencia and teacher Perla Ramirez to bring the hope of Jesus to their community.

Pastor Silverio

Pastor Silverio is a man of the Spirit. One of his first statements to us was, “if you are in the Spirit, you will see the Spirit at work.” The story of his life and of his church is one of miracle upon miracle because he has a faith big enough to know His God is big! One brief part of this story was the building of the current structure that is the church- they call it a “cabin.” Silverio had enough money to buy just the wooden posts that would serve as the frame so they dug the first hole and placed the first pole and they gathered around it to pray. And for the next 31 days people came from within and outside of the neighborhood, bringing new, treated wood. At the end of those 31 days they had exactly enough to complete the walls and the roof.  Pastor Silverio is passionate about his community and passionate about developing leaders in the church who will serve the community. Upon the walls of Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal were “8 characteristics of a healthy church” which can be summed up in the mission and core values of Grace Church! He is a man of God who knows that God is alive and at work in the world, and he lives his life to walk with God and share His good news with his people.

Ovejitas del Rey - Vision Trust DR016

Perla Ramirez and the story of the program at Ovejitas del Rey is truly amazing.  Perla’s story begins as an orphan growing up in a small village in the Dominican Republic.  Unable to find formal schooling, she pieced together an education through exposure to multiple small “learning centers”.  Once she was old enough, she answered her call and became a teacher herself.  When the learning center where she taught was forced to close due to lack of funding, Perla, only 21years old at the time, felt led by God to start a learning center of her own so that the children could have some chance of education. 

In 2009, Shortly after starting Ovejitas del Rey (translated little sheep of the king), Perla travelled to Herrera on the back of a motorcycle in hopes that VisionTrust would hear her story. For many years she came, but had to be told the same thing again and again, “We can't do anything yet but pray that we will find a church to help you.” Perla continued serving her children and her community while patiently waiting for help to come. Overjitas del Rey continued to grow in numbers, all the while being held in the same 3 room “house”.  Perla has provided an incredible service to the children in the community to provide them an education that they otherwise would not have, and she has done it all with very little to no resources. Her faith in God is as strong as her conviction in her life’s calling which empowers her to pursue both with an amazing passion and dedication. 

In July of 2016, Grace Church visited Perla and her learning center.  Through our new partnership with Vision Trust Dominicana, we are privileged to be her answer to prayer as we sponsor and support the children she teaches.