Learn to Lead: Parent Edition Breakout Options

Navigating Social Media & Technology with Your Teen
Kristin Hesch, GraceYouth Central Lead

Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter – This is the world of today’s young people. In this session you will gain an understanding of trends we are seeing amongst today’s teenagers, including the latest apps, the screen effect, and how to protect your kids from the dangers that can accompany this new tech world. Buy the iPhone, but know what it’s capable of and where to set limits.

Smart Money, Smart Kids
(Grace Church Financial Education Team)

Money grows on trees and the ATM is always stocked with fresh bills, right? You’ll definitely want to take this engaging session on how to equip yourself to teach your kids a healthy & responsible understanding of money. This will offer tips on how to utilize teachable moments in your family's everyday routine.

It Starts at Home: Learn to Confidently Teach Your Kids About God
Jalonna Krueger, GraceKids Central Lead, and Justin Jones, Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church

Enjoy hearing from this brother-sister duo on some of the practical ways their parents focused on building a solid faith foundation in their home that would eventually impact their years into adulthood. You’ll walk away with tips on how to not only bring Jesus into parts of your home, but to create an environment where faith in Jesus is central to everything you do as a family.

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore: Pulling Back the Curtain on Adolescence
Dr. Charisse Nixon, Psychology Professor at Penn State University

In this fascinating session, you will hear from Dr. Charisse Nixon, an expert in adolescence, who will answer some of your questions about the frustrations of parenting a teenager: the changes in the parent-child relationship, the attitude and slamming doors, and the emotional drama of the teenage years. Using both research and Biblical truths, Charisse will shed light on how to come alongside your teenager in their search for identity.

Finding Hope in Life’s Crumbs
Christy Cabe, author of Brownie Crumbs and Other Life Morsels

As parents we have good moments we want to cherish forever and bad moments we want to quickly forget (and hope our children forget). With all the unexpectedness that life brings, it is not a matter of learning to handle difficulties if they occur, but when they occur. In Christy’s session, she will bring her own story of heartache and triumph and share how through it all we can be parents who live and model God’s truth to our children.

Dinner in the Minivan: Surviving the Chaos of the Family Calendar JT and Sarah Salmon, Professional Family Calendar Jugglers

We’ve all heard it’s important to get your kids involved. But what happens when those involvements begin to take over all of family life? Soccer practice for him, music lessons for her, and don’t forget the youngest has tutoring! In this session, you’ll hear from two of the best at protecting the family from the calendar and making sure there is margin to breathe, to grow as a family, and to grow in faith.