I Am A Christian And I'm Depressed

Posted by Mike Watson on

I recently attended a webinar on mental health and the church. Several pastors, doctors and therapists discussed how rampant depression is within the church community and how it's rarely addressed o  even  spoken of. People are embarrassed by mental health struggles so they tend to...

Reading Plan for week of 7-26-15

Posted by Malcolm Beall on

Yesterday Derek gave the "Produce" (part 2) sermon. This was the second part of talking about his sabbatical, as well as giving the 3rd and 4th way to bear fruit that will please God.Here is a recap of all 4 ways to bear fruit that will please God from part 1 and 2, and the scripture reference...

Too Busy to be Bothered

Posted by Malcolm Beall on

We all have seasons of our life where we are busier than others. For me, when this happens I sometimes don't want to be bothered with certain social activities that may be part of my schedule. I tend to become to task oriented and would rather not spend time in community with others when I have...

Why Don't I Pray More?

Posted by John Tiernan on

If you believe in God, you probably have some sense that you should pray. But if you are like most people, you don’t pray as often as you want to (or feel like you should). Why is that? It is easy to believe subtle lies about prayer – and about God – that keep us from praying...

Knowing How To Forgive.

Posted by Mike Watson on

Forgiving someone who has mistreated or wronged you is hard, isn’t it? So, how do you forgive someone who has hurt you? Jesus spoke about forgiveness more than anyone else in scripture. Why? It's simple. He had more to forgive than all of us combined. He knew understanding how to forgive...

Reading Plan for week of 7-19-15

Posted by Malcolm Beall on

We are blessed at Grace to have an outstanding preaching team and an amazing youth pastor, that really brought amazing messages to us as a church in the past 10 weeks while Pastor Derek was on sabbatical. In Derek's return he shared the first of a two part sermon about some things God spoke to...