The Out Of Focus Life

Posted by Mike Watson on

I love photography. I love when you get that "perfect" picture and hate when you have that opportunity to capture a moment and for one of many reasons...the picture is out of focus. A moment lost. It's very upsetting when our lives hit seasons of unclarity. Hurt, habits and hang-ups cause our...

Reading Plan for week of 6-28-15

Posted by Malcolm Beall on

Yesterday John finished the sermon series "God Is..." with sharing a message about God Is Holy. He did a great job of sharing that we see God's holiness through his perfect glory, perfect righteousness, perfect justice, and His perfect love. As John stated, "God's love is most compelling in the...

#GodIs Steadfast Sermon in 10 Tweets

Posted by Mike Watson on

God is steadfast. Blending our Father's Day service with a look at our Heavenly Father and continuing forward with the God IS series gave dads a look at "how much more" Father God invests in His children. Here's some of what we discussed. God is Endlessly Loyal to His children. If we...

LIfe Hack

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If you engage with social media regularly, you'll find an endless source of life hacks. A life hack is a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's time and daily activities in a more efficient way. I've seen hacks on how to peel multiple potato's all at the same time, ways to clean...

Reading Plan for week of 6-21-15

Posted by Malcolm Beall on

Pastor Mike did a great job in sharing the sermon this week talking about how God is steadfast and unwavering in his love for us as his children. He talked about how God is endlessly loyal and how this should be an example for us as earthly fathers. we also had an amazing opportunity for a...

Our Heavenly Father

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Good morning everyone, and a Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.This is a day that we should be spending paying tribute to our amazing fathers' and thanking them for all they have done for us. I am one of the many blessed people that get to do that because I have an amazing father who...