Reading Plan for week of 12-27-15

Posted by Malcolm Beall on

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Act Justly

Posted by Derek Sanford on

Last weekend we wrapped up The 6:8 Assignment, our sermon series focused on Micah 6:8. In this verse, God lays our requirements for His people to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God. In our final week, we looked at what it means to “act justly”, defining justice...

My Mission Trip to The Dominican and Haiti

Posted by Malcolm Beall on

I would like to first of all say THANK YOU to all of those who prayed for the mission trip to the Dominican Republic and Haiti! It was evident that there were many people that were covering our team with prayer throughout the entire process. Our travel to the Dominican, then to Haiti, and then...

Reading Plan for week of 12-20-15

Posted by Malcolm Beall on

Today Derek did a great job wrapping up The 6:8 Assignment Sermon Series with the instruction to Act Justly. He reminded us that Micah 6:8 is a verse that calls for action, which is why he been challenging you all month to find your chair – open your mind and heart to God and ask Him...

Love Mercy - Reading Plan

Posted by John Tiernan on

In our second week of the 6:8 Assignment, Pastor Derek challenged us to love mercy. He said that mercy is loving people beyond what they deserve and that those who have received mercy will give mercy.   We withhold mercy because we feel certain people aren’t worthy of it. But that...


Posted by Mike Watson on

As I entered church this past Sunday, these words from the back of the handout jumped out at me. Stop Yelling. Start Doing!  We live in a time where everyone is yelling. Angry words fly across the screens of social media, news contributors are being suspended for saying what they "really...