Reading Plan for week of 11-29-15

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Today we are having live preaching at all locations. Today’s blog, and the reading plan is based on the similarities in the sermons at Girard and McKean. Pastor Brian and I worked together to have the same big idea as well as same three applications of how to awaken wonder. Pastor Mike...

Training For The Finish Line

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In high school I ran Cross Country. Cross country running is a sport in which teams run a long race on open-air courses over natural terrain. I loved racing and training on rugged terrain rather than the predictable indoor courses. You had to train in a variety of ways to prepare for a good...

Celebrating a Loss

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There are a few things that we hope people notice when they come to Grace Church. We hope they experience God by being welcomed right away, hear Biblical truth preached from the front, and feel comfortable to come as they are. After attending for a little while they will also see that we have an...

Reading Plan for week of 11-22-15

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The Forward Project is an initiative that we as a church started 2 years ago that Derek did a great job wrapping up on Sunday. There were four parts of the initiative that Derek reminded us we were called to: The Forward Project: IMPROVE- repair and expand our current ministry...

I Am Sam

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Not only is I Am Sam the title of a popular movie released in 2001, it's also the name I responded to growing up. Those that know me have heard countless times that my dad, Paul Francis Watson Jr. was and remains my hero. He had the most incredible ability to find the good in people. He was a...

Something Jesus Actually Said

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Today we are going to be looking at the fourth and final thing we can learn from what Jesus did to awaken the wonder of the world to the wonder of the church. Again, this list comes from the Andy Stanley talk, “A Great Awakening”, from the Catalyst Conference this past October. Three...

Reading Plan for week of 11-15-15


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Today Derek wrapped up our Marriage Myth series by talking about "Marriage is a One-Time Thing". With this statement Derek is talking about the continued commitment to the one spouse, not the amount of times you actually get married. One of the first things Derek talked about was reasons for...