Ignore It and It'll Go Away

Posted by Mike Watson on

I've been a homeowner for over 30 years and I'm about as handy as a pogo stick in quicksand. In the early years, problems like leaky faucets, running toilets and shorted outlets would remain in disrepair with the blind hope that the problems would go away over time. Thing is, they never did and...

Reading Plan for the Week of 1/25/15

Posted by Larry Shallenberger on

This month, our church has been studying the Gospel of Luke in an attempt to tease out the difference between being a fan of Jesus and a fully devoted follower of Jesus. This gospel has been an invaluable resource to us because it's filled with character studies of fans and followers. You've...


Posted by Mike Watson on

Last week we took a brief look at the dynamics of codependency. A number of people involved with Celebrate Recovery are working through this relational dysfunction with great success. Codependency almost always requires the services of another relationship buster, enablement. People who enable...