We Need Each Other!

Posted by Mike Watson on

In 2012, I had the thrill of spending time in the majestic Rocky Mountains. I heard stories of rock climbing duos scaling some of the nearly impassable stone faces via teamwork and tenacity, something simply too difficult for a solo climber. Life is full of mountains to climb.Mountains too...

Reading Plan for week of 8-23-15

Posted by Malcolm Beall on

Yesterday Derek talked about the Core Value of being All In, which is: “God created us with unique skills to do ministry. We strongly believe that everyone at Grace is here for a reason. The church doesn’t function well unless we’re all involved.” He used Romans 12 as...

Reading Plan for week of 8-16-15

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This week Derek continued in our Reset sermon series with the core value of "Outward Focused". This core value states: "The stakes are high. Our hearts will beat fast, our hands will be busy, and our wallets will be open for those who are far from God." Derek talk about 5 reasons we are outward...

When Looking Good Is Everything!

Posted by Mike Watson on

So much emphasis, so much pressure, so much importance is placed on how we look outwardly. I totally appreciate the need for fitness and a clean positive appearance but in this day of airbrushed models and the ceaseless barrage of posed selfies that flood social media, it's easy to see that...

Reading Plan for week of 8-9-15

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This week Derek shared about Value #2 of the Reset series, Spiritual Vitality: "Our gatherings are marked by spiritual energy and passion. We're fueled by our desire to continually take steps in our relationship with Jesus." He talked about God saying He is a river of life that will quench all...

Global Leadership Summit 2015

Posted by Malcolm Beall on

This past Thursday and Friday Grace once again hosted a satellite site of The Global Leadership Summit at McKean. This is a two day leadership conference that is put on live in Chicago at Willow Creek Church and has amazing professionals from many arenas in life, but are all gifted greatly in...

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