Thoughts From A Recovering Complainer

Posted by Mike Watson on

As we swiftly approach a very special holiday, one centered around thankfulness, one can't help but notice the rising tide of negativity and the extreme lack of gratitude rolling over our world. Once bitterness and complaining swallow up our appreciation for life, we are subject to great hurt...

Something said about Jesus

Posted by Malcolm Beall on

I am going to be continuing in my learnings from the Catalyst Conference. The previous two Monday blogs were talking about Andy Stanley’s opening talk on the theme of “Awakening the Wonder”. Today along with the next three weeks I will be going over some key points from Andy...

Reading Plan for week of 10-25-15

Posted by Malcolm Beall on

Today Pastor Derek wrapped up our Jesus Talks series by talking on what Jesus says about sexuality. This can be a topic that is divisive and brings a judgmental attitude out in a lot of us. We can get stuck in a mindset of viewing people as either one that struggles with this or doesn’t...

No One Is Immune From Conflict

Posted by Mike Watson on

This past Sunday, Pastor Brian walked us through Jesus' instructions for navigating conflict. I've always admired how Jesus faced conflict head on and He certainly had numerous opportunities because conflict followed Him everywhere. As a matter of fact, the Bible is filled with stories of people...

How to stir and disturb Wonder.

Posted by Malcolm Beall on

Often times, when you hear the terms "stir" and "disturb", you may think of them negatively; at least I know I do at times. We are told "don't stir the pot", "quit disturbing the peace". But today we are going to look at "stir" and "disturb" as a positive thing, a way to awaken something inside...

Reading Plan for week of 10-18-15

Posted by Malcolm Beall on

Today Pastor Brian shared a great message in our Jesus Talks series dealing with Resolving Conflicts. So often we feel, myself included, that resolving conflicts is contingent on whether we win or loose. Brian challenged this way of thinking with his Big Idea: Resolving conflict has more to do...

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